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  1. I tried the i605 CM variant and it was miserably buggy. Apps and the phone itself crashed consistently. I'll be sticking with t0lte.
  2. Hi there, I recently upgraded from a note 2 to a note 4, and am trying to convert the old note 2 into an ultra-portable computer that I can use at home hooked up to a bluetooth keyboard/mouse and a big screen tv. I installed CM 11 as a first step, and will install Gentoo Linux on the internal sdcard (if I can...). However I hit a roadblock since the MHL output doesn't seem to work with CM 11. Here's my question: If I understood the post quoted above then I could install any note 2 ROM for the N7100 (or N7105) since working as a "good old-fashioned wifi device" is all I need, since the note 2 no longer has phone service anyhow... Right? How far could I stretch this idea? Will any ROM for any note 2 variant will work for what I need (wifi connection, no phone)? As a further question (and not wanting to hijack the thread) any hints on which ROMs would be good choices that have MHL support would be welcome. Thanks! I don't know about MHL support, but any ROM for the Note 2 will probably work with WiFi. I would try CM12.1 first for t0lte. You can always reflash it. To install any ROM, you might have to change the verification script like I did which I'll tell you how if you want.
  3. I somehow find ways to sneak in my rants. I say sneak but it's not very subtle anyway if it's as small as changing a verification issue then I don't see why 1. cm hasn't come out with at least one single snapshot of cm12 if it's essentially the same thing and 2. no one else has done this and shared their idea (at least it doesn't look like anyone has as google could only find phishing websites) You say any t0lte kernel should suffice; should I go ahead and replace the current N7100 one with a more compatible one or no? Keeping an eye on the nightlies. Just under-the-hood changes except for material system app icons (you should be using glim anyway) and a battery saver icon addition to the status bar by default (which is configurable anyway and I did it as soon as I loaded cm)
  4. If data isn't working for anyone, maybe try this? Seems like it may help.
  5. the assert script and it worked like a charm!
  6. SCH-R950 Android 5.0? Unfortunately it's not exactly what you wanted; not Android 5.0... but 5.1.1!
  7. CM12 CM12.1*
  8. It doesn't really make sense that there's a combining forum for LTE Note 2 phones on the CyanogenMod forums for the i605, l900, and the r950 when a CyanogenMod version called t0lte only combines the n7105, i317, and the t889; the r950 isn't considered a t0lte phone, yet the model number is technically t0lteusc. Furthermore, I don't see why the r950 is even included in the forum anymore if it's officially in a legacy build at this point with no sign of future updating. I read somewhere that CyanogenMod t0lte versions are only for GSM phones which is why they're different but it's not very specific. So, as a result, I did some research and changed a few verification things. Normally, t0lte would deny installation in a traditional TWRP flashing menu. Some people just used a recovery on their R950 for a different model number but that seemed like quite a bad idea in case anything went wrong. To fix it, I just replaced the N7105 verification with the R950 model numbers (SCH-R950 and t0lteusc) and it worked! Mislabeled some model numbers but it was easily fixed in the build.prop which is included in the ROM already. Introducing a highly experimental CyanogenMod 12.1 for the R950. Who knows how well it works, but, to give you an idea, it hasn't crashed at all while the official CM11 crashed a couple times in using it. I don't have service which is problematic because then I can't test if service even works. I doubt it will because the t0lte model number is for GSM phones which is why the r950 is in the CDMA forum along with the L900 and the i605. But in using Wi-Fi, the camera, compass, rotation, root, modding of system properties, GPS, etc, there have been no issues except Google Play services crashing which has come and gone, themes provider crashing but the actual saved theme still working, and the camera reboot issue. I'm not entirely sure that forum users are allowed to distribute their own modifications of CyanogenMod, but I don't see anywhere that says I can't, and, frankly, it almost seems it's encouraged. Just let me know if this is kind of illegal. Here is the modified CyanogenMod now with the modified build.prop incorporated in it and Gapps in one package: Extract it to get the flashable files, then push them over via adb. If anyone has suggestions (as in changes for the build.prop etc) for any future releases I might modify, by all means. I want to be more providing than the R950 team has been (shots fired) To install, just wipe data, dalvik, and cache (simply factory reset on TWRP, probably other recoveries too) and then flash the CM12 .zip (not the whole package) and then tk Gapps if you haven't installed a Gapps package already, then install Xposed; the build.prop should install automatically. I haven't tried updating to the latest nightly via settings but it'll probably fail again as it's still registed to the original t0lte database so I do not recommend it. My current one is working just fine anyway, which is why I didn't downgrade this to a snapshot (this is a nightly). The modded build.prop includes performance enhancements, slight battery improvements, and data and wifi speed enhancements as well as some changed model numbers. Optionally, you could also get an app on the Play Store called SPenCommand (it's paid) to get stylus features back plus the pop-up window from the later Notes. While writing this, it occured to me that, if service doesn't work on this version, it might be able to work on a CDMA version (not i605 as it's incredibly glitchy in my experience of trying it) Thoughts? Enjoy your glorious Android 5.1.1; I know I have.