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  1. Going by the original 60-90 day guideline, US Cellular has until the 1st to announce it. Has anyone heard anything else? Personally, I think they're going to do what they always have and cop out at the last minute. Sent from my LGUS990 using Tapatalk
  2. Will we see 5.1.1 before 6.0?

    5.1.1 has been rolling out to many US versions of the G3, and many users on Reddit are claiming exceptionally improved battery life, and I was wondering if it has or will reach us before the 6.0 rollout begins, hopefully in January. Sent from my LGUS990 using Tapatalk
  3. Team Exodus test build

    Can you also link to the Gapps you used? CM12.1 got stuck in a bootloop, looking for a decent AOSP ROM, this might be it. Sent from my LGUS990 using Tapatalk