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  1. Excessive overage

    I installed a CM ROM on my Nexus 5x, and realized that I used 6.2GB of my 5GB plan. When I looked into the usage, it said Android OS used about 3.3GB. I have an older belief plan that is 69.99 a month and am sure i'll get hit with the $200 max overage fine. Anynice to convince them to lower my bill when it arrives? I know this topic has come up before, but they're all old.
  2. Lost LTE

    Greetings y'all. I lost LTE on my SGS5 about a week ago and can't figure out how to get it back. I upgraded my baseband to see if that would fix some of my issues, and it didn't. USCC says all towers in my area are in good shape. I am running CM13. I went all the way back to Stock, and LTE didn't work there either. Called USCC and they sent me a new SIM card, and still no luck. My APN settings are the same as I've always used for CM ROMS. Any help would be appreciated! But my 3G works fine, I'm not in a huge hurry.