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  1. Are all G4's unlocked?

    Are all US Cellular LG G4's unlocked from the factory?
  2. Marshmallow update

    I still don't have the update. LG and US cellular support can't help. At this point I'm thinking about just switching carriers and getting a Nexus.
  3. Marshmallow update

    If anyone could get their hands on a copy of the OTA update for me I would be eternally grateful.
  4. Marshmallow update

    Are you saying you had to reinstall google play apk to get the update or you had to reinstall the google play apk after the update?
  5. Marshmallow update

    I too am getting the "your device is not registered yet" crap. I've spent hours on the phone with US cellular and LG. I've been to the store as well. Even their store demo phones are saying it. This is very frustrating.