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  1. How does Device Turn In work on Retail Installment

    MCEbox is a system i'm quite familiar with, and if any associate is savy enough to check for root or jailbreak then they should also be familiar with the software reflash function of the device. Simply request your phone be reflashed before trade in. Also, Knox is no issue except we do need to disable it as well as any FRP because wiping the phone is part of the process and trading in a brick is counter productive P.S. Hello Better was a stupid ad campaign anyhow lol Sent from my LGUS991 using Tapatalk
  2. data roaming deal

    Will I experience a reduction in speed? You may experience a reduction in speed if you: Exceed data plan limit (this does not include tiered data plans); or Use more than 400MB of roaming data; or Consume large amounts of data in places and times of network congestion. Excerpt from I stand corrected
  3. Got one!

    The dual lens camera allows for crazy low light pictures as well. Try shutting of all your lights in a room and even just looking at the screen while taking a picture looks like night vision. Other improvements is the S7 being water resistant with no moving parts (or charge port covers to snap) and the S7 brought back expandable sd card storage.
  4. data roaming deal

    4G LTE Roaming went live around November if I'm not mistaken. If you check the Coverage Map you'll notice a lot more dark purple on the data map. If you zoom into the map you'll notice that most of it is crosshatched for roaming. In these areas you'll be able to use 200mb of data per a line per a month on roaming then it's supposed to kick you back to 1x
  5. The moto x pure edition is one of the phones that USCC does except on their network and models from all carriers work as long as the phone is unlocked.
  6. How does Device Turn In work on Retail Installment

    Hi there! I'm a guy. I've been working for a US Cellular Authorized Agent in Dubuque Iowa for a year and a half now. Originally installments were set for 24 months with a 12 payment/month upgrade option. That was then changed to 20 month with a 12 payment/month option. Now, it's a 24 month 18 payment/month option. Depending on which one you set up on and when decides on when early upgrade date is. You have the ability to payoff the entire installment plan at any point in time, and a little known fact, you can also pay up to the 12/18 payment mark and do your early upgrade option earlier. When you do your early upgrade option, you need to have the device in "good condition". From my understanding, US Cellular are feeding those phones into their used phone inventory. So "good condition" means that you yourself wouldn't feel cheated if you bought a used phone from US Cellular and it was in the condition it's in. My rule of thumb is usually no cracked screen or lens, phone is powering on, and all of the normal functions of the phone are intact. My agent location normally doesn't care that it may have scratches or light wear on the device. Touch base with me if you have any other questions.