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  1. I have had another LG Smartphones and all of them show data in that menu, but the US991 shows nothing. There will be a way to enable it?
  2. eHRPD?

    As far as I know eHRPD is a software solution for handover from LTE to EDVO. eHRPD allows near LTE speed, because it routes traffic over LTE. As you can see in the images, there is a speedtest over 25Mbps over 3G in a LTE area (I suppose eHRPD is working), and the other one not even reach 1Mbps over 3G in a non LTE area. I wonder it because I live outside USA and this CDMA/LTE Carrier has different data plans and the best plans are for 3G only.
  3. eHRPD?

    Does US CELLULAR have eHRPD? I ask because I can't see the bearer option where you choose LTE, eHRPD or unspecified like in verizon and Sprint phones in the APN menu. Regards