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  1. Sim Unlock Yet again

    Yes the guide will follow the video. It will take me a couple days to get it right. However the build and default props do need to be modified and a little bit of modem reprogramming. As well as changing the csc.
  2. Sim Unlock Yet again

    It has been done and I shall provide video proof shortly. May I also add that it is on the newest firmware,modem,bootloader stock(rooted of course)
  3. Sim Unlock Yet again

    What would you like for proof? I have band4 set in service mode. I have gsm set and showing IMEI woth *#06# instead of MEID. It shows signal and the MCC-MNC of t-mobile sim 310-260. Sim is not currently with service so it showss service limited. It also still says no sim. I am working on this part now. You are right the sha256 is off on these phones by default. I am trying to see if it could possibly be in one of the .prop file or the kernel. I suspect it is disabled in te modem itself which is a bit of a problem. No I am not like the others and just dissapear.
  4. Sim Unlock Yet again

    Flash the mdl modem and you will see the hardware is their and working. I am not just going to give up. I am in the middle of cracking se on the bootloaders anyways. It mainly appears to be a property set "keyguard.no_require_sim: true" that is the main culprit. I will be working on switching this to false persistently. Then working on modding a true gsm modem for the phone. I am determined to fix the problem. I have a long history with embedded devices. A long history of modding. A long history of getting things to do what they are not suppose to. As for the FCC. The IMEI would NOT start with "99" if they were not allowed to use it on other networks. Let alone the lock you talk about from the FCC are for usc to only use on their phones/towers. Not what it can and can not be unlocked for. That is a choice by usc and a poor one. The modem ending with mdl has full gsm capabilities in it. You can get the full firmware from sammobile or here and just extract it and flash with odin. No issues and flashes fine. One their goto service menu and rebuild nv ram. Go to GCF and enable band 8. ect. Then goto testing mode and choose lte/gsm/cdma. From their you should be good to go. Or you can use a script to help out as well. I do not want to paste links here. But google cdma to gsm script and it should pop up.(this script is not my work) You will notice BAM GSM ALL FREQUENCIES and working fine. I just have the sim lock issue. I have to leave for now. However I am truly on the verge of fixing the problem. Try the mdl model. Just give it a shot. You will see what I am talking about. Thank you.
  5. Sim Unlock Yet again

    Could anyone possibly point me to the posts of some others that appeared to brick their devices? So I can cross reference it. As I am thinking of flashing a modified i9505 modem via recovery. If others have bricked this way, it would be nice to have an idea. Do not worry, I have my QCN/EFS/Cert all backed up. It is getting tempting to just JTAG the phone over to a straight i9505. But that would only fix the problem for myself. I am looking to help the community as well. As for the code. If you let me know how many characters it is or should be. I can always brute force it with scripts, it is only numerical.
  6. Sim Unlock Yet again

    If I hard brick it I will just JTAG it back. Not really hard. Annoying but not hard. Can you explain to me what they would be doing to the phone if I could bring it in? I know the bootloader is locked to the r970 firmware's because of the certs used. I have questions for an employee that I believe should only be held of private messaging. From all of the information I have found out. It appears it is just a lockout in the modem. However I do not know if the sim card is being disabled from the bootloader. I am not a noob to the field. I have 17 years experience in the cell phone field. I am an engineer. If you do not want to be public about anything. I understand. However I would like to get this device figured out. If you can help me I can help the community/us cellular. I am not looking for anything more than getting the phone working right. I can write a tutorial for other to be able to perform the procedure, I could help recompile a proper modem for the phones. I could help them remove other locks like SE linux and KNOX. I can teach them how to rebuild it so it can use both CDMA and GSM at the same time like a dual sim phone. From what I can tell. I just need to get the proper modem on the device so it will recognize the sim. Because of the certificate that is used, I can only flash r970 based modems. Is their a modem that they would be flashing at the store? Or would they somehow be bypassing the security check for the certificate used in the modem/bootloader files?
  7. Sim Unlock Yet again

    Also want to ask. If it is not locked down. Then why am I asked for a network unlock code? WHY IS IT STATED ON US CELLULAR'S SITE IT CAN BE UNLOCKED?
  8. Sim Unlock Yet again

    All that link is doing is redirecting me back to this post. As for the hardware being disabled. This ios NOT true. I ran it through a major array of tests. It is SOFTWARE locked. I have been on the phone and in contact with SAMSUNG directly. They will confirm it will work and was NOT hardware disabled. If it were hardware disabled. Then it would not start with a IMEI of 99. Could someone explain to me what the procedure would be to unlock it? If you say direct unlock only... Then clone my phone for a min. I will give you all info plus QCN/EFS. All I need is the unlock code. Once I have it I can help the community with a proper tutorial on how to get the modems flashed over and open it for other networks. You say it will only work on T-Mobile LTE. This is only the case if you do not modify the APN's in the phone. As the default ones are limited. Changing this file with a complete world apn list works fine. I even have options in FTM to choose my provider to activate with. I have it using IMEI instad of MEID/ESN. A lot of studying and work has gone into this phone. So I am asking for anyone who could help me get the code. I live too far away to go to a store What is referred to in that thread are SOFTWARE/MODEM locks. If someone can give me the code then prove me wrong. However I can receive GSM850/900 and see the signal in service mode and in FTM. Is their anyone willing to take a few minutes out of their day to just give me the code? I will not be asking for anymore support from here on the phone. Just need to get past the lockout.
  9. Sim Unlock Yet again

    Hello, I have been reading and reading for about a month now. Still yet to find too many answers. However I have found that the phone IS unlockable by US cellular. I have done the research and the the service mode etc methods. They do not work. I do have the phone set to just need the sim unlock code now. I have gotten the modems all set. Is their any employee that would be willing to help me? The MEID/IMEI is clear. Yes that is right is has a IMEI as well as MEID... Why? It is a world phone using 2GGP/2GGP2 technology. Hence the 99 at the beginning. As I said I have done my research. Supported bands: 1SIM, CDMA2000, GSM 1800, GSM 1900, GSM 900, GSM850 (GSM800), HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE FDD 26, LTE FDD BAND 12, LTE FDD BAND 13, LTE FDD BAND 2, LTE FDD BAND 4, LTE FDD BAND 5, LTE FDD Band 25, LTE FDD Band 41, No multi SIM support, WCDMA FDD Band I I have called 1-888-944-9400 and talked to level 2 techs. They said I need to go to a shop to have it unlocked. This is not an option for me as I live too far away. I know it is a modem issue. I can and am gladly willing to flash a different modem or what ever would be needed to do. Can anyone help me get the sim unlock code?
  10. Need some help.

    Hello, I am wondering if an employee would be able to help me with a kinda wierd situation. I am trying to unlock the SCH-R970. I know I could go to a store to have it unlock. This is sadly not really an option for me. I have the rest of the phone all set to go. All I need is the unlock key for the sim. I am willing to give what ever information is needed to unlock it. My IMEI/MEID is clear for the unlock. They just do not know how at the main call center. I live about 2 hours away and have no ride to get there. Is their anyone who can help me?