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  1. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    So haggertk posted a gps-conf file to flash in the XDA thread, and I have working GPS with LTE. I am currently running the RR 7.1 rom, but it appears to be working great now. Just a heads up in case you guys want to give it a shot. Bottom of this page: Direct link to gps-conf zip file:
  2. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    I was thinking that was the case for the Sprint variants, but sure enough I just tested RR on 3G, and it's working! I'm still hoping this gets fixed, but this beats putting the phone in airplane mode, which is useless if you want to use navigation apps.
  3. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    That sounds promising! I'll have to try that on RR. I liked what I saw a lot from this ROM, and I also liked RR on Marshmallow. When I was racking my head around this problem earlier on CM14.1, I did find that if I toggled into airplane mode then out a few times, I could get a fix without airplane mode, but as soon as I closed a GPS app an reopened it, I was getting the 0/0 satellites again.
  4. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    I tried RR this morning, and GPS would only work in airplane mode for me. I'm guessing this will be the issue on all cm-based ROMs until it is fixed there. I also tried Zephyr 7.0 which I believe is AOSP, and GPS would not work at all on that ROM.
  5. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    Well I did a clean install of CM13 and verified GPS was working as it should. I then dirty flashed CM14.1 (12/1 nightly) over that, and the GPS only working in Airplane mode problem was back. I wasn't hopeful it would work, but at least now we know.
  6. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    I haven't tried it yet, but I meant to say I would flash cm14 over a cm13 install. I really like Tipsy as my daily driver, so I always restore back to that when I'm done installing/testing other roms. If and when I try this, I'll let you guys know if I have any success.
  7. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    I'm doing clean flashes with all the CM14.1 installs. Basically, I'm just installing a nightly every few nights, checking to see if GPS works, then restoring my TipsyOs backup for daily use. I was thinking I might try to dirty flash cm14 over cm13 just to see if that has any effect on GPS since GPS works great on CM13.
  8. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    No worries at all. I actually have two S5's and the problem exists on both, so it might not be worth it for you to flash at this point as I'm sure you'll have the same GPS issue. It has to be software related at this point. I did see on XDA that haggertk may have some test zips to try for us soon. I'm hopeful this will be resolved soon.
  9. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    Hey phalkon, just to confirm, you are experiencing the same issues that I posted regarding GPS? So this is definitely a ROM issue, and not specific to the device? I'm getting confused because I see other reports (even in this thread) where people are stating GPS IS working on CM14.1.
  10. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    I will certainly give it shot, but I'm going to take a little break. I've gone back to stock so many times trying to resolve this issue that I'm a little burned out. Nonetheless, I really appreciate the suggestions. I'll report if I have any success. Thanks again, Slim!
  11. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    Thanks again, slim! That busybox installer worked, but still no GPS with the new gps.conf file from Pimp My Rom. Last night I went back to CM13, and gps was working fine. I'm running TipsyOS as my daily driver without issue either. I even flashed CM14.1 with several different versions of TWRP since I read others with data issues had luck after using an older version. It looks like other USC users have no issue with GPS on CM14, but I can't figure out why it won't work on both of my phones. Extremely bad luck? Are you running CM14.1? GPS works and locks in apps like GPS Status or GPS test? Does your Maps navigation work as well?
  12. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    I had trouble with PMR because I couldn't get busybox to install. I don't know if it's a CM14 issue, or something I'm doing wrong. I did find another app that generated gps.conf file based on continent and country, but it didn't work. I have tried about everything I can think at this point. It's weird because I have two S5's (cracked the screen on one), and they both have the same issue. In airplane mode, GPS works flawlessly, and when airplane mode is off, I get 0/0 satellites. I think the cell radio might have something to do with it. Once I deactivated my cracked phone, GPS starting working regardless if airplane mode was on or off.
  13. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    Thanks for the suggestion! I'm going to give this a try.
  14. (Discussion) Nougat for the Galaxy S5

    I have been flashing the unofficial and now nightly CM14.1 ROMS, and I cannot get GPS working unless I'm in airplane mode. In Maps, everything looked like it was working until I tried navigation, and then it never worked. With GPS Status & Tool, I don't even have satellites in view until I switch to airplane mode. After that, I get a lock in seconds. I actually have 2 USC S5's and the problem exists on both devices. I have tried going back to stock TW getting a fix, and then reinstalling or restoring 14.1 and still no luck. NVRAM rebuild doesn't work either. Anyone have any other suggestions to try?
  15. Marshmallow not installing?

    slim2none4u, thank you so much for taking the time to upload those links! I used your posted versions of odin and cf, and got root with no issues. I was using an older version of 3.10.X, so maybe that was it. Either way, thank you for sharing.