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  1. Trading phone in

    With a rooted S5 Knox is tripped and can never be untripped so hopefully that won't be a trade in issue. You can try a factory reset but that may not give you back the stock bootloader/recovery. Give it a try and reboot into recovery mode and see if it's stock or custom. If it's still custom the easiest way would be to download any stock KLTEUSC Firmware (you can find links in other threads of the Team USC forums) and flash it via Odin. Flashing stock firmware replaces custom recoveries with the stock one. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  2. NO no NO! I don't want to hear that, lol ! That will be last resort. What If I clear enough space in my internal storage? TWRP reads my External SD in other parts just not in restore. Right now, I have an old 32GB that i'm clearing out on my PC and am going to try putting the backups there. If that doesnt work I will make enough space on my internal storage and put it on there. Do the backups have to be somewhere specific or does the folder have to be zipped?
  3. Ok, I found a TWRP Backup thats not too old on my PC that I transferred to my external SD card. When I boot to twrp and go in the restore tab nothing populates no folders or anything on either my internal storage or External SD. Do the backups have to be in a certain directory in my SD card? I have it in extsd>TWRP>Backups> and then the folder with date/time stamp containing my backup. Do I have to zip my backup to install or something? I am using TWRP 3.0.2-0 and my ExternalSD is a 64GB samsung MicroSD but nothing shows up in my internal storage under restore either.
  4. My phone was in my pocket for a long time yesterday and I looked at it after a while and my lock screen wallpaper was set to stock wallpaper. Ok, that happens sometimes no big deal. Later I realized my battery percentage was missing. Then I found all the quick setting tiles at the top of the notification panel pull down are gone too. So, no quick wifi on/off button, bluetooth, location buttons gone. And data on/off which I use a lot because I constantly have to turn my mobile data on and off because i'm in roaming where i live and use wifi as much as possible. I checked SuperSU to make sure I didn't change settings in an Xposed module while in my pocket and there were no logs showing that. I tried changing settings in firefds kit regarding battery and number of quick tile settings and then switching them back - no luck. Wiped cache and dalvick cache - no change. And I'm not sure if I made a recent TWRP backup to restore to. Any ideas on a fix? The thing I want the most is the quick setting tiles in notification pannel back. Oh, yeah and when I go in settings for the quick setting tiles I can reset them with no change but if I try to change anything else settings will freeze and then crash...
  5. Rooted S5 trying to OTA update for the firmware that is installed already.

    Hmmm, I wonder if its the "Software Update 1.5.04" and "Software Update 3.1.12." Sorry, I glanced through TB before the last post to look for an app responsible for updates but seemed to miss the 2, "SOFTWARE UPDATE" ones. Either in previous versions of TB or, on a previous phone that I had paid for TB I could freeze apps, because I remember freezing things in the past. So, I had to backup and uninstall.
  6. Rooted S5 trying to OTA update for the firmware that is installed already.

    @iRub1Out Thank you, I do use TB would you happen to know the specific app(s) responsible for auto updates that I can freeze? I downloaded the MM GravityBox to try that but would rather use an app like TB that I have already and uninstall GravityBox. As, always thanks for the quick reply iRub1Out, and thanks for taking the time to be an Admin! Hope your move went well and let me know about that volume boost if u still need it. I finished my summer semester which was crammed into 2 months and intense so I have a little break to hopefully be able to contribute on Team US-c but, Fall semester is only 2 weeks away, and all bets are off when class starts...
  7. I am on a rooted SM-G900R4 running stock firmware 6.0.1. My phone has been telling me that an update is available and then downloading it. Then it tells me I can install or postpone 3 times and I go to install but it does not install as I have TWRP custom recovery, not stock. Anyways, its just a nuisance if its going to keep doing this (its done it twice now) and its trying to update to g900r4vxu2cpd2 (MM 6.0.1) which is exactly what I have installed and rooted now. Anyone else having this happen, and/or found a way to resolve it? Maybe someway to block the OTA updates anyone know of an Xposed module that will do this? I get real annoyed with these stupid notifications like this. I have already disabled the SD card, water damage, volume warning,...etc notifications. Oh yeah, and I find this funny, after the update fails because of root and custom recovery, it tells me to take it to a certified store or whatever like I'm a f*c|<ing idiot. Yes, I think I'll drive 3 hrs to the state line to go to a US-C store for them to not know what they are doing and then void my warranty because the only reason its happening is from root, maybe they'll say they have to send it in to fix and they will say I need a new one and charge me full price because I voided my warranty, when it works perfectly fine. (Sorry, I went with my Aunt to her Cell provider store and I just find it sad when you go to phone stores and you know more then the people who work there, I'm sure you have all experienced this at least once, if not multiple times like me.)
  8. Marshmallow not installing?

    Hey I just shut my phone off to recharge quicker and when I booted it up the "Firefds kit" Xposed module wasn't doing its thing. It gave me the same old notification for water damage and the SD card notification, my screenshot option was not on the power menu either. Anywho, immediately rebooted and it was back working. Has anyone else experienced this? I don't fully shut down my phone much so it might have been the first time since xposed that I did. Wondering if it's a Firefds kit thing, xposed, or an anomaly w/ my phone... Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  9. Marshmallow not installing?

    @iRub1Out I should also mention that i use my GS5 as my only working, paid for current USC plan, Phone. So i really don't want to screw up any functionality, and yes i know i voided my warranty by doing this, I have always rooted and such since my first smartphone which was with USC too, who found out i rooted it but it was 1 month till my warranty was up anyways. I do have a twrp backup, I guess i will TB back those up too and then uninstall so i can undo without doin full twrp restore.
  10. Marshmallow not installing?

    I thought @brianinmaine had posted a discussion thread topic thing, regarding what to do next after MM update, custom, recovery, root, xposed and all that, but i couldn't find it and this may have been a more relevant question there. Anywho, I am in the process of debloating and have disabled some stock firmware apps that USC forces on us and have uninstalled a few with Titanium Backup after being disabled for a while with no issues. Does anyone know of others i can remove for sure and not have issues, I removed amazon, flipboard, slacker radio, chat on (have never used those once). I have just been trying different Xposed modules found some i like some that don't work, suggestions there too? Also, have been reading about MM on other devices and they have app launcher that scrolls vertically in alphabetical order and double tap home button to get to camera quick. I want those things 4 me too (each brand of phones MM is different and then the carriers all change it too)!! Don't know what else to do besides kill time by going into /settings/about device and tapping on the "Android Version 6.0.1" many, many, multiple times and then tapping the M and then the Marshmallow a bunch of more times and then long pressing the marshmallow (if u don't know what i'm talking about try it)
  11. WiFi Folder Where?

    Next time try deleting the offending wifi network in the data/misc/wifi/ folder the file is called "WPA_supplicant.conf" of course u need a root browser and you open the file in a text editor and the saved Networks info is at the bottom of that text file. Just find the offending wifi network info toward bottom of file, each saved network you have ever saved is listed with the name of the network and other info including the encrypted password. Should be able to just delete all the info for that network in that file or all the network infos at the bottom of that file. There is a "WPA_supplicant.conf" file under system/etc/wifi folder but i think those wifi files are needed for the firmware and your phone to work. The user's data (Your data) of your saved wifi network info is in data/misc/wifi/wpa_suplicant.conf which you may be able to delete that file all together to, in effect, reset all of your saved wifi info but, I would copy it in your root browser and paste it on your SDCard (sdcard0 or extsdcard) for a backup, just in case, that way if trying that fux it all up just find it on your sdcard copy and paste it back where it belongs (**note** I have not tried this last method of just deleting the entire wpa_supplicant.conf file but im thinking it would work, i still would just delete the network info in that file first)...
  12. After using that first volume boost I posted for a while I noticed that it may have been interfering with phone calls with the "ear PA" (in-call ear speaker) boosted. I cant know for sure as I am always on roaming where i live ATM and certain people I call on a regular bases have always had a hard time hearing me. Now, it may have been coincidence regarding the call volume boost. But I made a newer version of the original without the call volume boost: just headphones and rear speaker. I recommend using this one instead: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5333hfy8cxwe4em/S5_Volume_Boost_Speaker_Headphones.zip?dl=0 Here is one with ONLY the HEADPHONES boosted: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1whms8y2ok1cguo/S5_Volume_Boost_Headphone_Only.zip?dl=0 This one is Headphone boost and Rear Speaker boost but a little more rear speaker boost, I am currently using this one ATM: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6w6o6gpqlpal7l4/S5_Volume_Boost_LouderSpkr_Headphones.zip?dl=0 And, as @iRub1Out requested, this ones for u rub (sorry I'm so late with it)... HEADPHONE ONLY BOOST and also louder than the original. (The headphone volume # value in the xml file that get modified is originally set to a value of "80" the first mod was set to "84" this one you requested is at "86") I only boosted it a little more as It starts to get a little overdrive at full volume on my skullcandy earbuds but If you have some other purpose or think device can handle more let me know and ill increase it more. Nough said, here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/icc5mi46zi0qs2q/S5_Volume_Boost%20Louder_Headphones_Only.zip?dl=0 Of course, the restore is still the same but here it is again: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vckpbiunq8893xt/S5_Volume_Boost_Restore.zip?dl=0 Same as before: save zip file in sd card and flash the zip in custom recovery...
  13. Marshmallow not installing?

    "Firefds Kit" Version as an .apk that i used to disable warnings/notifications: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9moxcdrywvpyfsg/sb.firefds.firefdskit_v1041_f44b70.apk?dl=0 Or you can just search it in download section of Xposed installer, either way you have to go to Module section and check the box and reboot.
  14. Marshmallow not installing?

    I didn't know if you where having issues getting the Xposed Framework to be recognized/active or finding something in there that would work after the update or both...? What did u used to use on Xposed prior to the 6.0.1 MM update? I'm new to Xposed but knew I wanted to find a way to get rid of those notifications and came across some info about xposed on Samsungs running 6.0.1 including the Firefds Kit
  15. Marshmallow not installing?

    JUST GOT XPOSED TO WORK!!! Yes, I just got Xposed to work and this is my first time ever having it downoaded fireFDs kit and i now have DISABLED SD card notification, Close back for water damage/charge port warning notifications! Even put screenshot button in my power to make sure and it is there!!! yes and no volume warning too! So I flashed the Xposed Framework after transferring it and the following other files to my Internal Storage from my PC. which i'm pretty sure is the exact same as the one earlier in this forum but here via my DB: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tapwnu1482322nk/xposed-v84.0-sdk23-arm-custom-build-by-wanam-20160504.zip?dl=0 Flashed in twrp 3.0.2-0-klte and immediately (on the screen after install it was an option to-->) wiped cache/dalvik then immediately rebooted. It optimized apps and all that. So I think I tried this apk first in fact i'm pretty sure: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l91rbwdzfnuf35d/de.robv.android.xposed.installer_v33_36570c.apk?dl=0 which was not the same as the one earlier in this forum. When I opened that one it said in red text it couldn't find the framework and some stuff. So i decided i would immediately try the other other xposed.apk that was provided in this forum but here it is again anyway: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9nb9z8ybklhehb5/XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk?dl=0 This is where my memory is a bit fuzzy (which is bad, i know, cuz it wasnt even an hour ago lol) i did whatever it wanted in that last xposed installer and when it was done i think it wanted reboot so i did and when I went back in the only Xposed icon that was in my apps it gave me the screen in the first screenshot saying xposed was active. I did a search in the "download" part of the xposed app and downloaded "Firefds Kit" which i was reading about earlier today and had to, in the xposed app under "Modules" , check-mark the boxes of the two i had downloaded "Firefds Kit" and "enhancedtoast" i had already downloaded earlier. Anywho it asked me to reboot again (I think? sorry fuzzy memory) The second screenshot is in "Firefds Kit" where I checked the boxes to get rid of those STUPID NOTIFICATIONS along with some other things like screenshot button on power menu and it said it had to reboot to make the changes (this i do remember for sure was a reboot to make the changes work). And upon boot up not one single warning notification thing and i looked on my power menu to find that screenshot button!!! It worked!!!