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  1. Indeed, I dont see why they don't continue the Moto X line. It is so compatible with many roms. Think, It works with Android 4.4 and above (some magic needed to get past lollipop)
  2. Same here is Missouri. Nothing.
  3. Be sure to have your phone rooted and the latest TWRP installed. TWRP download: Lineage OS Unofficial build download: GAPPS download: TWRP install instructions: fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.x.x-xxx.img fastboot reboot-bootloader Use the volume down to scroll to "Recovery" then use volume up to select. Use a computer to copy both the Lineage OS ROM and GAPPS that you recently downloaded. Copy to Moto X while still in TWRP main menu. Click on "Install" then click on your Lineage OS ROM, then click on add zip and add gapps as well. Click "Install" wait to complete then click on "Reboot" It will say Cyanogenmod but ignore this, because this is unofficial for now. Setup your phone, join the Google beta program, update Google. Enable Developer options by spamming the button build version. Enable root Apps Only install Build Prop, modify build.prop Add ro.product.model=Pixel Add ro.opa.eligible_device=true Click on "Save" Reboot, and wait. Then Go to Google Search on pixel launcher and click again on the "G" scroll down and you should be prompted at the very bottom to setup Google Assistant. After, go to smart lock and Trusted Voice and make sure all settings are enabled. If Google Assistant still does not work, try this. Flashable ZIP by @FaserFLink: video guide by @mjp93
  4. I am making a TMO XT1095 flashable ROM for USCC XT1093, I am having better luck with it. Plus you don't have that wierd scaling issue.
  5. I do not know, I have tried doing that and it was unsuccessful. There was no signal. I think the XT1093 ROM flashes the modems and APN settings. I notice after a wipe, the APN settings are still there a long with the modems. ROMs can flash more than just the system fyi.
  6. Thanks to JohnB, there is a way to not only get Marshmallow, but I found a way to get Cyanogenmod as well! Factory Reset, easiest using under android settings! Unlock your bootloader! Download the latest TWRP [IMG}: Download CM13 [ROM]: Download XT1093 [MM ROM]: Download GAPPS [ARM MM NANO ROM]: Flash your recovery with TWRP Reboot to TWRP Plug into computer, copy files to phone. (CM13, XT1093 ROM, GAPPS) Click, WIPE (Slide to factory reset in TWRP (NEEDED)) Click, INSTALL Click, XT1093 ROM (and install, then REBOOT NORMALLY and WAIT FOR SETUP WIZARD then return to TWRP) Click, WIPE (Slide to factory reset in TWRP (NEEDED)) Click, HOME Click, INSTALL Click, CM13 ROM (install and wait for it to complete. If fails, wipe Dalvik Cache, and Cache) Click, HOME Click, Click INSTALL Click, GAPPS ROM (install and wait for it to complete. If fails, wipe Dalvik Cache, and Cache) Click, REBOOT DONE! Credit to JohnB: