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  1. What happens if .......

    I own a SM-N915R4, a Note Edge, kinda niche sorta phone. Cannot find any custom Roms specifically ported to my phone type. Closest I've come across are for phones like SM-N915f or g or fy. Question is, will these install on my phone? (it's a PACrom for 6.01). I'm afraid I don't know enough about this to understand what it is I'm doing and the differences between the builds. I strongly suspect I already know the answer, but would like to hear it confirmed. Thanks
  2. Custom Roms

    Who has some info on what roms are out there for this phone with 6.01 installed? Trying to research the web is not being very fruitful or else I'm not asking the right questions. Thx
  3. Rooting

    Got a solution. Colgao over at XDA in Note Edge forum gave me links to twrp in tar format which installed perfectly via Odin. I then booted into twrp recovery and installed the latest SU zip, then Xposed Framework via links he also provided. Now, I'm rooted and happy......I think. Thanks again barndawg76!
  4. Rooting

    Looking at this shot, is there anything suggesting an issue?
  5. Rooting

    barndawg76,,,,,,,yes there is custom recovery specifically for my phone......and virtually every post out there that uses the statement "simple" points to it. I must have d/l 4 copies of it, but it keeps failing on my attempts, suggesting to me there is something in my phones configuration or setup that is the source of my problems. RT. btw....thanks a lot for your quick replies. Greatly appreciated.
  6. Rooting

    So, using fastboot, I was able to succesfully reboot into bootloader using ADB command as instructed. However, typing in the fastboot flash recovery twrp-3.0.2-0-tblteusc command, the response is "Waiting for Device" and there it sits.
  7. Rooting

    I have attempted every CF-Auto-Root venture out there without success. It simply fails, most often resulting in my having to re-flash stock firmware to get it going again. Here are 2 pics of what I get. See anything that I'm overlooking? I've tried to just flash TWRP but could only find .img files which, of course, Odin doesn't do. I read somewhere that I needed version 3.XX for Marshmellow. I tried TWRP ver 2.XXX as a .tar file but it failed as well. I'm at the point where I'm getting ready to purchase a "One Click Root" solution for $40. Save me from the indignity. RT