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  1. HD Calling (VoLTE) with google pixel XL

    EDIT: I found the IMEI and still didn't work. But my uscc variant S7 Edge IMEI didn't either, so I think that form is bunk. Both phones have been on uscc for a year and a half. Pixel XL issues are still no HD Voice and sms pics looks like crap. Well weird, that page on desktop shows pixel and pixel xl, but mobile only shows pixel 2s and nexus phones. Also, says our google variant pixel xl MEID is not compatible. No HD Voice option in settings still. Guess we're out of luck.
  2. HD Calling (VoLTE) with google pixel XL

    Have you activated the phone as a pixel xl? I did as a nexus 6p. If you click compatible devices on it now lists the pixel, xl, 2, etc. as compatible so I might have to call uscc back with actual device. OR, it just may not work still.
  3. VoLTE rollout

    I was able to turn on for all my S7 phones in my area early this year, but our pixel xl doesn't work - can't get the option to show up even though I asked them to turn it on.

    Just found this thread, I had commented on this one before: Anyway, just chatted w/ uscc and they said this was available for my area/#s. Late last year was told, after an hour of trying, that our area code/prefixes weren't in their "table" yet and to try again after first of the year. I now have the toggle on my S7 edge and have 3 other S7s. Have a pixel xl on the acct too and was asked what type of phone it was. Told them Nexus 6P since that's what I said when I activated it. Was told it wasn't compatible. I asked about pixel xl and nexus 5x and was told pixel "wasn't tested" and 5x wasn't compatible either. Compatible devices just link to here:{"features":["3g"]}&visited=true Will find out later if I can enable the toggle on pixel, and if indeed the toggle does anything. It did not work last time, and then the toggle disappeared. So is an account setting they handle to make the toggle appear, and apparently you have to call in to get it turned on.
  5. VoLTE rollout

    And my enhanced calling option disappeared again... On verizon you can manage the option on their website I guess.
  6. VoLTE rollout

    So I found this page and saw uscc advertising enhanced calling: Still didn't see the option on my device so chatted with Angie (who was really nice), and after verifying my device and coverage, had to turn the option on for my account. I saw the toggle and turned it on and she called to test but still didn't work. She talked w/ a tech and found out my phone # prefixes aren't in their "table" yet, sometime in January 2018 hopefully. So I have the option on but it doesn't do anything. Thought I'd pass this along since it took a good hour I'll never get back
  7. Textra is cool since you can view all media in a text thread - and all the old photos from differing samsung devices look so much better. Hangouts made the photo about 500kb so not too bad I guess. All in the name of "progress".
  8. So just stumbled upon our first issue w/ Pixel XL on uscc. When I text photos from S7s to pixel, S7 messaging compresses to 250 KB, but the image comes to pixel @ ~ 30KB and looks like crap. Texting photos from pixel to s7 is fine - pixel compresses to 400-800kb. I tried Textra and didn't help, messed around w/ legacy APN settings but don't know what I'm doing. Tried different carrier network access point - currently on usccinternet, but again not sure what I'm doing, and other uscc didn't help. Would like to use MMS when I'm out and about to text my wife's pixel so I don't use data. Found this thread but no solutions: Any ideas?
  9. VoLTE rollout

    On my S7 edge under Settings | Connections | Mobile Networks I don't see Enhanced Calling. Chat rep said
  10. Unlimited on US Celluar

    I have an older 10 GB shared plan that costs $142 mo. w/ 5 phones w/ our 20% partner discount. Traveled recently and was worried about overages the whole time - although the roaming cap would've kicked in first. Chatted w/ uscc today and cs said I'd get 20% on 2 GB plan. Called in cuz they were dense and was told any line w/ 6 GB+ get's 20% off. So is it just the 6 GB that get's partner discount or is that wrong too?
  11. Until activation, my s7 kept calling that on its own on every restart. possessed.
  12. So the pixel xl I received was indeed a google store version - can unlock oem in dev tools. It looked brand new as did all accessories, was sent to them last month. I also bought a used uscc S7 edge off ebay that luckily was in pristine condition. Activated both last night. I mentioned my family members breaking their old phones which was true, and the rep made zero mention of any kind of activation fee. She seemed much more knowledgeable than the 3 other reps I spoke to the last couple weeks. Mobile data on the pixel worked right away but couldn't make a call or get *228 to call out, even after restart. Shut it down completely and then could make calls. I read the same somewhere about either Nexus or pixels not working w/ *228. My S7 activated perfectly. So very happy with the "risky", expensive purchases. One of the S5's I bought off craigslist has pretty bad screen burn in but my kid doesn't mind. The seller actually emailed to ask how it went and offered to take it back. Didn't seem worth it w/ the drive and looming activation fee. Anyway, thanks for everyone's help. uscc feels like a sinking ship a little bit but this community is strong.
  13. Verizon Variant on USC?

    I read there are ways to unlock them now, some are being sold on swappa that way. I don't root anyway, was just curious if it would matter. Did you see that some unlocked bootloader pixels are having issues w/ android pay? Don't use that either I just need phones that talk, text, play games, browse the interweb, and take good pics.
  14. Verizon Variant on USC?

    Ah, read thru the entire thread now, missed page 2 before: sounds like I should be fine. This article said the same: Is there an advantage to unlocking the bootloader if it's indeed a verizon variant? I've just done some odin stock rom flashes, not a rooter, and this phone's for my wife.
  15. Did you end up paying it? I'll be calling soon with two phones. So, I just bought a pixel xl on swappa new resale. It was originally bought at best buy and this was a new warranty replacement sent from google. The seller said it was a google variant because it was sent from google but not sure she knows. Hopefully I can activate either on uscc - read a thread somewhere where a bb phone wasn't working. Now need to go get 1 more phone.