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  1. I have an older 10 GB shared plan that costs $142 mo. w/ 5 phones w/ our 20% partner discount. Traveled recently and was worried about overages the whole time - although the roaming cap would've kicked in first. Chatted w/ uscc today and cs said I'd get 20% on 2 GB plan. Called in cuz they were dense and was told any line w/ 6 GB+ get's 20% off. So is it just the 6 GB that get's partner discount or is that wrong too?
  2. Until activation, my s7 kept calling that on its own on every restart. possessed.
  3. So the pixel xl I received was indeed a google store version - can unlock oem in dev tools. It looked brand new as did all accessories, was sent to them last month. I also bought a used uscc S7 edge off ebay that luckily was in pristine condition. Activated both last night. I mentioned my family members breaking their old phones which was true, and the rep made zero mention of any kind of activation fee. She seemed much more knowledgeable than the 3 other reps I spoke to the last couple weeks. Mobile data on the pixel worked right away but couldn't make a call or get *228 to call out, even after restart. Shut it down completely and then could make calls. I read the same somewhere about either Nexus or pixels not working w/ *228. My S7 activated perfectly. So very happy with the "risky", expensive purchases. One of the S5's I bought off craigslist has pretty bad screen burn in but my kid doesn't mind. The seller actually emailed to ask how it went and offered to take it back. Didn't seem worth it w/ the drive and looming activation fee. Anyway, thanks for everyone's help. uscc feels like a sinking ship a little bit but this community is strong.
  4. I read there are ways to unlock them now, some are being sold on swappa that way. I don't root anyway, was just curious if it would matter. Did you see that some unlocked bootloader pixels are having issues w/ android pay? Don't use that either I just need phones that talk, text, play games, browse the interweb, and take good pics.
  5. Ah, read thru the entire thread now, missed page 2 before: sounds like I should be fine. This article said the same: Is there an advantage to unlocking the bootloader if it's indeed a verizon variant? I've just done some odin stock rom flashes, not a rooter, and this phone's for my wife.
  6. Did you end up paying it? I'll be calling soon with two phones. So, I just bought a pixel xl on swappa new resale. It was originally bought at best buy and this was a new warranty replacement sent from google. The seller said it was a google variant because it was sent from google but not sure she knows. Hopefully I can activate either on uscc - read a thread somewhere where a bb phone wasn't working. Now need to go get 1 more phone.
  7. I need to find the thread but it was a best buy pixel. I just bought a pixel xl on swappa that was originally bought at best buy, but then was replaced from google due to warranty a claim so was told it was a google version. The phone is new, so hope it works!
  8. My friend tried that a year ago and they wouldn't let him port his 319 after 515 was activated. Hope it works now, @mweba
  9. I'd like to know if you get this activated. There's a ton more verizon s7s on swappa. Was looking at unlocked SM-G930U but guess security updates aren't being released: Thought I read here that Verizon pixels don't work so could see the same w/ s7?
  10. She made it sound like it was a new policy and to expect that going forward. But I get different info from each rep I talk to so who knows. I don't want to threaten to leave every time I talk to them but it's getting that way.
  11. So I kinda changed course and bought a couple used S5's locally today and when I called uscc to activate was told they're now charging $40 per 3rd party phone that isn't already on my account. She activated the 2 tonight as a courtesy. Has this been a thing? Still planning on getting 2 newer ones. Guess it's not a total surprise since they charge to activate phones thru them ($25 financed/$40 discounted), but wasn't expecting this. The uscc store said there would be no charge for phones I brought in. Can't win.
  12. Wow, thanks for the offer. I am still deciding on phones so there's no hurry - just the first step. If something comes up w/ the sims they sent I'll let you know. Appreciate everyone's input.
  13. Called customer service, asked for new sims, transferred me to sales, retold them my story, and was told they needed the new MEIDs before they can send them out - thus I need the new phones first. They also told me to go to a store with the devices to activate. I told them I guess I'll start looking at other carriers and hung up. They called back a few minutes later and she apparently didn't know how to order just the sims, but it was possible, so they'll be here Wed. Said I could call the customer retention team when I get phone prices and they may be able to help me out, but my plan costs would go up. Wish project fi could port my area code.
  14. I've read the threads here and reddit about activating a pixel on uscc and am considering upgrading some/all of my family's 5 devices. They're old as the hills micro sim phones - S4s, S4 mini, and S3s (temp replacements from drops) and have read I can just go to the store and get new nano sims. So I went to an official uscc store and was told they can only give out activated sims, thus I'd lose data on my current phones, and that I'd have to bring the phones in anyway to activate them if they've never been on their network. Not what I was expecting so I left empty handed. I was going to call telesales and ask if I can get the sims sent, one chat rep said they're a penny, but haven't tried it. I just wanted to have the nano sims ready, and then call in to activate when I decided on new phones, is that too much to ask? Considering pixel, nexus 5x-6p, unlocked s7 (G930U), or used uscc s7. If I do get pixels, what's the best way to go about this? I'm on a shared data plan w/ $10 connections that's working fine for us. I've been told I'd need to switch to a new $20/connection plan and pay activation fees if I upgrade thru uscc, so am going this route instead. Would consider switching to Verizon too if it made sense, but our plan cost is so much lower and been a customer forever. Thanks for the help!