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  1. Dear geeks, I'm Zaza Asatiani from Georgia (Country). Let me kindly ask you for help to defend my consumer rights. On September 29 I have purchased Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (SM-N930R4) on Ebay from the private seller. The phone had clean ESN, Box and all accessories. The seller indicated in product description that he purchased phone from US Cellular. once it was recalled and then returned to the owner with an upgraded battery. That’s why I decided it was safe to buy. When I turned it on for the first time it was almost brand new Galaxy Note 7 with fully functional Knox and Samsung account. (I have had every Galaxy Note from the launch of first one and I have an ambition not to be fooled by Chinese fakers). After several days I got a notification regarding software update. I have updated the phone software and from then on I'm getting annoying notification pop up warning - to return the phone. It was popping up every time I connected phone to the charger. Couple of months ago I got another software update which limited phone charge to 60%. I seriously doubt that fake phone shouldn't be able to get such an updates from Samsung's server. Right now the phone is in the country of Georgia. I have contacted US Cellular and Samsung US support team several times to help me find a way to refund the phone but it seems they have no guidelines what to do and asked me to contact Samsung’s local office. Even Samsung Local Georgian office refused to refund the phone. They say the IMEI in “About the phone” and on the back panel aren’t the same and it’s a fake. I doubt that during the battery replacement Samsung replaced the battery together with back panel and this is the cause of this problem. Model: SM-N930R4 IMEI: 351954081071436 FCC ID: A3LSMN930U Second IMEI: 089085236001077571 Do you have any idea what do do? Best Regards, Zaza