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  1. I have tried all the various instructions online, including the instructions in your download, and I can't seem to get anywhere updating Android from default 2.3.5 because in step 1 "now to see if you can do a ramboot to unlock your device. run these commands in order fastboot flash rdl.bin RDL3_unlocked.smg" it hangs at < waiting for device >. Mind you, I don't know what I'm doing at all. I did manage to get the phone rooted when it was new (using the torpedo method), that was a long time ago. It has superuser and titanium backup installed still from that process (is there anything in those apps I need to enable?) and it is in debug mode enabled currently. I've gone through a replacement/upgrade phone, and I keep coming back to this device as it has been my "tablet" when it wasn't the active phone, and my "emergency replacement" when my phone was stolen, and it's just such a good little device. This phone was just SUCH a good phone I'm having a hard time letting it go, but I can't use MOST of the Google Play Apps when it's only running on 2.3.5. What I'd like to do is update it to a newer version of Android so that I can use the Apps I need on this phone. As I said, I have really loved this phone, and I have not been nearly as happy with newer phones, this was just such a good piece piece of hardware, it just needs a serious software update. Is anyone here willing to walk me through this? I can't get past the unlocking the bootloader step. I've installed a ton of software onto my PC in many different attempts using various online guides, and I'm just stuck. I really don't have anything to lose at this point, I'm not scared of bricking it, because if I can't get it updated to at least 4.0 it's basically useless to me and will have to be replaced again. The one thing I can't explain is that most of the online instructions say that the sdk folder should be in C, but my sdk pack installed into c:\users\appdata\local\android instead, could that be the problem? Please keep in mind I have very little experience, but I am technically inclined, I just know nothing about linux/android and the commands involved. If you can walk me through it, I promise I wont be frustratingly stupid or daft. The phone is rooted. It has Superuser and Titanium Backup on it. My PC is a Windows 10 machine and so far I have installed ADB, Minimal ADB Fastboot, Java, Motorola Device Manager, all the Motorola drivers, Android Developer Studio, RSD Lite, and Android SDK Tools. I have, basically, no idea how to use any of these programs except Moto Device Man (just so you know where we're starting from). I am comfortable in CMD prompt, but I've never used it for anything this advanced (I've refreshed my DNS and run sfc scans and such, nothing too heavy). OR, I can just throw the phone away. If that's the best solution, just let me know, I just think it's a pity, as it's good hardware. Newer phones feel so flimsy and cheap in the hand compared.