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  1. My bad, sorry. Most pay apps do have built-in license verification, so having the app won't do you much good anyway. For the record, most pay apps aren't more than $5.00, so its best just to pay, especially if you like the app in question - that money helps to support future development and that is worthwhile.
  2. When I rooted my phone I though my problems were over, but instead discovered that removing system apps is more difficult than expected. I have to fight the phone for every app I manage to pry out of it, as well as anything I want to add as a system app. I managed to get Apex Launcher, Lucky Patcher, ROM Toolbox Pro, and System App Manager installed on the system partition but its hit or miss when it comes to adding system apps. I've found that removal of apps is as easy as deleting them from system/app with a root file explorer. It is a pain though because removing some apps makes the phone act weird so I have to backup the phone through recovery, make changes, then make sure it boots and acts right, then make a new backup etc... The phone is stubborn. I need to flash a new ROM, but am still trying to decide which one to go with.
  3. ROM Rebuilding is the easiest thing in the world to do. Any archiver, zip, 7, Rar will work as long as when you zip it you use the .zip format and don't use compression ("store only" mode.)
  4. I have never had Play Store issues, except that it exists at all...anyway, I used to uninstall G-Play, and Google Services and instead used Blackmart Alpha as my app store. I like it because it's small, it allows you to download apps without installing them, and it let's you download pay apps even if you don't give them money. Also, it was very rare that it wouldn't have a particular app I was looking for. It calls itself just "Blackmart" now but I still use it and it is still better than Google Play. There are a number of imitation Blackmarts that will try to get you to give them money for their crappy apps but Blackmart is free. Like completely. I don't even think it has the option of giving them a card number. For those that may be intetested, here's the URL: MOD_REMOVE
  5. I like Circons Black by Samantha Connor. I like that it has close to 300 icons and they all have a clean, consistent look and there are enough variety that I can always find one for an app that is reasonably appropriate and its compatible with Apex Launcher. Here are some examples... I know they also come in red, and likely others.
  6. My recent success at rooting my phone represents the first such success I've had in years. Back then I used, with great success, ROM Toolbox Pro a JRummy app. If you're unfamiliar, it contains a suite of root-level apps and was actually a great enough app that I paid for the full version. You could do a lot of cool things like set sdcard cache, edit build.prop, change boot animations, system font, and a bunch of other things not the least of which was an app manager. It could uninstall, disable and/or move apps from the user to system partitions. Whatever you want to do with an app it would do. Not so much now. I haven't used everything in the app so it might all be broken now, I guess I will know soon enough. Anyway, the point of all this was: does anyone know of a good app for managing apps? I want to remove some system apps, move some apps to the system partition, etc,. and Ive wasted time on a number of crappy, useless apps. Lucky Patcher, of all things, is the best app manager I know of. Oddly, it will uninstall system apps or move apps to the system partition. It just isn't always great at it. It moved superSU to the system, which should have been there already since it was flashed through recovery. On an unrelated matter, am I the only person who feels that SuperSU blows? It takes so long to grant access that apps forget what they're trying to do.
  7. OkayWell, I reflashed CF-Root and so the phone will now go into recovery, but the phone keeps rewriting TWRP with the stock recovery. It did that the one time I got Odin to complete a recovery flash. The bootloader isnt being cool, I think. I need to figure out a workaroumd or something. ******UPDATE****** Well after having a phone that would only go to Download Node, I downloaded ODIN v,3,12.3 and another recovery and I now have TWRP. Additionally, I used recovery to fkash superuser so I am rooted, So, yay!
  8. A factory reset got it to boot. So now back to TWRP
  9. Well, I reflashed CF-Root and so the phone will now go into recovery, but the phone keeps rewriting TWRP with the stock recovery. It did that the one time I got Odin to complete a recovery flash. The bootloader isnt being cool, I think. I need to figure out a workaroumd or something.
  10. I cou;dnt get TWRP to install through Odin, so I rooted through Odin then flashed TWRP through the Official TWRP app. Now no matter what I do the phone goes into download mode. Wont booy regularly, wont enter recovery.
  11. I've downloaded these files, but am very unclear on what the purpose is? Does my Android v6.0.1 need them? Sent from my N9130 using Tapatalk
  12. I am new here, obviously, and have questions. First, it doesn't seem like there are many custom ROMS for the N910R4, and I assume that's due to the fact that US Cellular has 133 customers so demand is low. However, my plan is to Odin TWRP, then flash SU through recovery. I use ROM Toolbox Pro by jrummy, and it has a great suite of apps, allowing me to make a number aesthetic changes, tweak performance, and it has a good app manager that will let me remove/add system apps. Ive flashed ROMS on phones, but with so many things that seem to go wrong with various ROMS, I have to ask what benefits come from these ROMs? Secondly, what is deodexing and why? Many ROMS seem to include an alphanumeric string that I find confusing, what does it signify? What is baseband? Personally I would like a stock N910R4 ROM to take apart and "fix." Sent from my N9130 using Tapatalk
  13. That was the way I was leaning. I have 3 versions of Odin, 3 TWRP, and 4 versions of SuperU so I think I'm covered. Sent from my N9130 using Tapatalk
  14. I like my Note 4, mostly. The only thing that really bothers me are the 200 crap apps I don't use, and when I root in the next day or two I can fix that. Sent from my N9130 using Tapatalk