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  1. Moto X4 compatible with U.S. Cellular

    According to a conversation I had recently with US Cellular Tech support, they need to test the X4 before they will allow it to be activated. Although Google FI uses their towers, the signal is processed (voice, data, and messaging) by Google servers and not by US Cellular servers. Apparently they have had issues with changes being made in phone software which caused problems with this processing on their own servers. (That probably also explains why software updates are slower with android phones, as the carriers have to ensure that the changes won't mess up their data/voice/messaging processing). If FI had better coverage in the areas I need, I would consider using it. But, for example, at my home in Maine, FI only has 2G coverage, even though USC has 3G and 4GLTE coverage. Like someone else, I don't like the size of the Z2Pure. But my MotoX2 is getting old, and has limited memory. I'm hoping they will test and approve the X4 sometime soon.