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  1. Thanks for your support. At first I updated to the lasted version and then I flashed it with twrp 2.8.0. I flashed it to 5.1.1,but the WiFi didn’t work so I updated the twrp with flashify. But the twrp is for N915R4 not N910R4. After that the touch screen did not work. Now I tried my best to give it the right rom but failed. Any rom don’t work till now. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, I have my issue for about one week now ,I hope you can help me a little , something was wrong with my touch screen after i UPDATING my TWRP. before it is ,later I made a wrong TWRP OF n915R4. dont know how to solve it ,thanks.
  3. hello EVERYBODAY: I am a user of N910R4 , I flashed my note4 last week and it damaged by what I did. so I have to ask for help here.I use the android 4.4.4 ROM before,but I do wanna update it .so I update it to 6.0.1,and then I install the TWRP which I downloaded from the forum. After that I flashed it to 5.1.1 with ZIP file(comes from the third resource) , everything is perfect except the WIFI function , wifi did not work at all. but if I flash it to 6.0.1 ,the TWRP version had to be updated to 3.0 or upper ,I could not find it ,suddenly I found some one else and I used it ,but the misery things happened: after I using this twrp , the screen of the phone does not work properly, the right side and the bottom has not touch response at all,I tried a lot of ROMS from samsung to recover it ,but failed at last .could you please tell me what to do next ? thanks very much! if you can give me a five pieces ROM ,I think I can have a try to solve the problem. many many thanks. APPLEMENT: I found the TWRP IS FOR N915R4 not for N910R4. 20180105155510.mp4 20180105155538.mp4
  4. ROM Help

    something same happened to my phone, all the thing are nice except the WIFI ,so I did something wrong ,I updated the TWRP ,the screen damaged now .