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  1. Oh.. I can't remember for the life of me how to do that. I guess I have some digging to do. What about the roaming indicator off? Roaming Indicator Off suddenly showing up as US Cellular. I guess its fixed on accident.
  2. About 8 months ago, we jumped ship with Google Fi, and went to US Cellular. Fi uses US Cellular's towers, so we thought it was a quick and easy jump. Incorrect. I had to go backwards from Oreo OS and convince a USCellular location to load my Pixel XL's up as Nexus 6P's in their system so I could get their service rather than eating $2000 for two brand new phones with brand new phones already in my hands. I had to go to g.co/abh and finding a 7.0 version of Android OS. This was successful. After this was done, I had 4G LTE data for both mine and my wife's phones. This resulted in two things. 1) Roaming Indicator Off instead of "US Cellular" in the top left. 2) On startup/reset I get the message, "Your device has loaded a different operating system. Visit this link on another device: g.co/ABH That's not the problem. Here's the problem. US Cellular now supports the Pixel line. Since they support the Pixel line, I decided to go ahead and upgrade these two Pixels back to Oreo. Unfortunately, even after all updates have been run and security updates run, I am still getting the message (despite using a GOOGLE STOCK IMAGE, mind you!) "Your device has loaded a different operating system." as well as "Roaming Indicator Off." These are minor annoyances, but they're there, and I don't know if there are any other implications to them. So far, the devices are fully functional, otherwise.