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  1. TWRP- and TWRP-, downloadable from here, identifies the USCC XT901 as an XT907 / scorpion_mini. You don't have to modify updater-script at all to install CyanogenMod ROMS. You can also use either the CyanogenMod Updater or CyanDelta to download and install ROM updates without needing a computer. I thought maybe my XT901 somehow got messed up, but when I tried TWRP- again, it required the updater-script edits.
  2. Thanks for this info – I was able to install! The device did lock up on me once when I was in Play Store installing an app, but other than that I’ve done quite a bit else with it and had no other issues. My device too is no longer an activated phone, so I simply go into Airplane mode and then turn on WiFi. Given that we need to edit updater-script, is there any way we can get and install nightly updates automatically? Presumably CM Updater won’t work. Would CyanDelta Updater work? I tried the later and the app is indicating “Zip not present in our database” (the edited Thanks again for this info. I haven’t used Cyanogen much for years. Gives me something to do with my retired phone.
  3. Nexus 6 Finally on U.S. Cellular!

    These tools might give you a slight edge in getting one. Sign up for free alerts: The later helped me get a Nexus 5 (which is also in short supply) a few weeks back.
  4. Nexus 6 Finally on U.S. Cellular!

    In 2011-2012, Verizon screwed up the Galaxy Nexus by loading bloat and not having timely updates. Lots of frustration by Verizon Nexus owners. That was then/that was Verizon – this is now and this is USCC. Given USCC’s track records in supporting smartphones after the sale (loading bloat, not providing timely or any updates after about the first three months), Sadly, I’m reluctant in having another smartphone phone with them. USCC seemingly abandoned supporting the Electrify M (it’s been waiting for the 4.4 update promised by Motorola for just shy of a year now). It appears that the original 2013 Moto X may be in the same boat (waiting for 4.4.4 for months, even though all other carriers have already got it). If having a well-supported smartphone is important to you, USCC may not be the best carrier for you. Google may have a different approach this time around for managing the carriers and how they support the Nexus. PhoneArena discusses some of the challenges Google and Verizon had in the past (given that they are also a CDMA carrier like USCC) and thinks Google has better assurance from Verizon that this won’t happen again. Perhaps the safest bet in ensuring timely updates is to get an unlocked GSM phone and run it on a GSM carrier.
  5. Hearing this doesn’t surprise me with USCC. If USCC and Motorola handle further updates to the X like they have the Electrify M, there will be no more updates for the 2013 X – even though the official Motorola site indicates an update is coming. Limited to no service after the sale from USCC. Very frustrating seeing other carriers continue to get updates while USCC devices are abandoned on an old OS after just one update and in about the first three months or so. USCC is not the carrier to choose if keeping your device current is important to you.
  6. KitKat 4.4

    Because neither the manufactures nor USCC ever communicate much about updates, it’s difficult to know where the lag in timely updates lies. It could be that the manufactures prioritize which models they focus on based on the number of active devices, in which case USCC, being smaller than the big carriers, will always be prioritized lower. Or it could be that USCC doesn’t want to invest in the updates, either because of the bloatware update cost, or simply other costs associated with updates. I’m suspecting more and more its USCC’s fault. This is unfortunate because they are going to gain the reputation of being the carrier to avoid if having an up-to-date smartphone is important to you. That’s becoming my perception of the situation. Similar discussion and frustration exists with Windows Phone. I don’t know if USCC lags more or less than other carriers. One thing Apple did right is to retain control of when and how their devices are updated. No fragmentation because they are the sole manufacturer, and the carriers aren’t involved in the update process at all from what I’ve heard.
  7. Déjà vu. 2012: The USCC Motorola Electrify never got a promised upgrade to 4.0 ICS. In fairness to USCC, other carrier’s upgrades also got axed by Motorola back in September 2012. 2013-2014: The USCC Motorola Electrify M is “presumably” still in the queue to get 4.4 KitKit (has been for the past almost 12 months). Verizon’s RAZR M sibling phone got its update in May. I highly doubt we’ll ever see it at this point. Both Motorola and USCC are incommunicative on this lag. Given that the Moto X is a “flagship” device similar to larger carrier’s Moto X devices, I would hope that USCC's device will see more updates. But for whatever reason, USCC devices tend to lag in getting updates, if they even get more than one update. My two USCC Android devices (one being an HTC) got just one update after the initial release and that was it. If getting timely and regular updates for Android devices is important to you, having the smartphone through USCC trends in being an exercise in frustration.Given that neither USCC nor manufactures ever communicate much about updates, it’s impossible to know where to direct anger. Here’s an interesting article published just today that puts Motorola in a positive spotlight: Android upgrades simplified: Which manufacturers can you trust?
  8. Website Issues

    If you haven’t already, you may want to open a ticket with to help resolve the issue. I think it’s a DNS problem. is sometimes incorrectly resolving to, which is the old Host Gator site. Here’s an example of this where OpenDNS’s second server ( resolved to the wrong address for me tonight. $ nslookup > server Default Server: Address: > Server: Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: Address: I tried the same OpenDNS server when on the USCC network and it happened to resolve correctly a few minutes later. I also tried the two USCC DNS servers ( and when on their network and they resolved correctly, as did several other public DNS servers and even OpenDNS’s other server address. I tried GoDaddy’s two NS servers and they resolved correctly. Given this issue has been going on for so long, something seems to be misconfigured as opposed to simply waiting for old DNS records to expire. Given that your registration is through GoDaddy, they need to help resolve this.
  9. Motorola Electrify M Accessories

    Just this week a number of different cases are starting to become available for this phone. I’ve always liked having a (simulated) leather case for my smart phone that you can open up and use the phone without having to remove it from the case. I haven’t quite found that option yet but there are a lot of other choices available. I’m not exactly sure what the correct model number is for this phone. I’ve seen the following three numbers all reference the US Cellular Electrify M: XT901, XT905, and XT907. Here are just a couple sites that now have a lot of Electrify M accessories. (scroll down to see the cases) (scroll down to see the cases) I'd still like opinions on the Ballistic cases available in USCC stores from anyone that is using it.
  10. Motorola Electrify M Accessories

    Can some that’s gotten the Ballistic case from a USCC store describe how it protects the screen? Is there a shield over the screen that protects it that could be replaced if it get scratched too bad the pocket? Can you use the phone with the shield in place, or do you have to remove it? I’ve seen images of other Ballistic cases but couldn’t quite tell how it works. Is the case that USCC has in their store a Shell Gel series or a MAXX series case? Does the case in general have any rubbery feeling or texture to it to make it easy to grab onto and less likely to be dropped? Finally, what’s the cost of the case in the USCC store? Thanks much.
  11. [How 2] Unlock Bootloader

    According to this, once you apply for and get your unlock code, your warranty is void – even if you don’t actually use it to unlock your bootloader or if you choose to lock it again later. It appears you might be able to relock some devices, but it still won't matter from a warranty perspective. Also, I’m guessing that carriers will look up what devices have been unlocked from Motorola’s database. There is a Check Product Warranty tool off this page that presumably provides the info if you enter the phone’s IMEI/ESN/MEID Number. A good hack would be a way to obtain your own bootloader code or somehow unlock your phone without going through the Motorola site, so that you could return it back to factory state should you need your warranty.
  12. Unlocked bootloader talk

    And according to the Motorola site that discusses unlocking the bootloader, the wording is pretty strong that once you’ve gotten the code to unlock the bootloader, you’ve forfeited your entire warranty for anything that may happen – including hardware issues completely unrelated to anything you might do with the software. That was the question I had earlier. I don’t think I’d be requesting the code the first day I get the phone, but after ensuring there are no issues it should be relatively low risk. WHEN IS MY WARRANTY VOIDED ? Your device warranty will be voided as soon as an unlock code has been generated through our online tool, regardless of whether you actually unlock your device. Please do not request a bootloader unlock code unless you have read and accepted the terms of our legal agreement. 5. Obtaining an unlock code voids all warranties. Once you get the unlock code, your device is no longer covered by the Motorola warranty, or any other warranty provided with the device. Neither Motorola, nor your wireless carrier shall have any duty to provide warranty or customer support for unlocked devices.
  13. Unlocked bootloader talk

    Kudos to both Motorola and USCC for making this happen! Given that Nexus (unlocked) devices don’t exist on the CDMA networks, this finally gives us similar flexibility in being able to stay up-to-date on our phone OS (even if we do have to flash unoffical ones ourselves). Any sense on just how rigid Motorola will be in dishonoring a warranty claim once you apply for am unlock code? Having been in IT support, I can appreciate them needing the do something to avoid supporting people that screw up their phone due to flashing bad updates on their own, etc. But if a problem develops, such as hardware issues that are clearly unrelated to bootloader being unlocked, might they still deny that claim? I’m suspecting having an unlocked bootloader will encourage more developers to create custom images. Other than worrying about the warranty, this is only good news!
  14. You should be able to change the screen unlock security to either a PIN or a password. Look for settings under Menu and security to find the different options. I’m not running 2.1 Eclair with HTC Sense anymore or I’d tell you exactly where to find them. US Cellular and HTC released the 2.2 Froyo update about a year ago. Start here to learn about and download the official upgrade. The HTC Desire is the last phone listed on this page. Although the HTC Desire is now considered a somewhat old and limited device compared to today’s newer phones, you can breath some new life into it by installing 3rd party ROMs. I’m running Oxygen which is now Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The most significant advantages of 3rd party ROMs is much better memory management to get around the Desire’s limited memory, allowing you to install a lot more apps, and also significantly better battery life. I learned to ropes to installing Oxygen from other posts on this forum. It takes a little research and reading, but isn’t difficult if that should interest you at some point.
  15. ICS on Desire?

    Initially the Oxygen developer(s) were planning on trying to put ICS on it, but as of late, it sounds like they won’t. I too would be interested in trying ICS if someone builds a stable ROM for the Desire. I haven’t explored Cyanagenmod but they might be working on it.