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  1. Ok so here's my issue, hyperdrive tweaks ask for root then when I go to open it, it flashes then closes. It will not open. Does anyone have an extracted apk? Sent from my SM-N900R4 using Tapatalk
  2. Are there any other coverters than the one linked? I keep getting that "set perm" error. I have even switched recoveries.
  3. Do you have a link to that converter?
  4. Rom installed successfully in CWM but the Converter kicks up Status 7 then aborts the install, is there a work around for this?
  5. USCC Released 4.3 for the S3

    Is there options to Root the 4.3 update?
  6. MIUI

    Is this a dead topic... or is anyone still going to figure out a way to get Miui on our S3's?
  7. Data Kicking out/not working

    I just re-flashed stock rom with Odin I will give this another shot otherwise I might have to call 611.
  8. Data Kicking out/not working

    No Im not because when it works I have full bars 4G. Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk
  9. Is anyone else having the issue I am having, which is randomly data will just stop working? I will have to into settings mobile networks then toggle the network mode back and forth and it will start working again, or I can restart and it starts working again. It seems to just to this randomly and I have tried different roms and kernels with complete wipes ....factory/data ..... cache... dalvik and so on and the issue seems to still pop up. Would I perhaps have to use odin to reflash the stock rom and then start over from there? Just curious. Thank You!!!
  10. [SUPPORT] Blackbean

    Not sure what you mean. The alpha background you're talking about is for the notification pull down background, so you can make it transparent etc. I don't see a setting about hiding the status bar. Can you post whee the setting is you're looking at? - Sent from my US Cellular SGS3 You are right... I was basically asking if there was an option to auto-hide the status bar. Such as when I bring up the Facebook app in example the status bar would hide so Facebook would have the whole screen. Also noticed and issue with that status bar when you have the clock centered. and the am/pm on it will set on top of the alarm icon and silent/vibrate icon. Small issues but just wanted to make them known. Great ROM though!!!
  11. [SUPPORT] Blackbean

    Has anyone got the status bar to auto hide itself correctly?? I played with the "alpha" settings for it, but is that the right way?
  12. My screen would go black after the Samsung Galaxy boot screen and then nothing after flashing this kernel....wiped cache/dalik and fixed permissions after flashing... still nothing weird.
  13. Phoenix Rom for Htc Desire (Phoenix 1.4)(Cont.)

    Anyone also have the unread messages notification from the default messaging app?? I unchecked notifications in the stock app, and still get notifications from handcent and the stock app. Kind of annoying, so I was just wondering. Thanks
  14. Phoenix Rom for Htc Desire (Phoenix 1.4)(Cont.)

    Wanted to let everyone know did a full wipe and now everything is working fine. Thank you for the GREAT Rom!!