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  1. That tread doesn't have the odin stock files linked . . it's more about the Note 3 I think?
  2. I need to sell my s5 and am hoping that someone could help guide me back to stock (including recovery). Thank you! I appreciate the help!
  3. Stevet, are you using the fusion kernel? I installed the latest build and still no luck with the gps.
  4. I just noticed today that my gps isn't working. Is it working for anyone else?
  5. I'm just using twrp recovery and am on the 2.0 fusion kernel which seems to be running really well. Battery life is excellent.
  6. I hadn't had any trouble with my data or anything else. Everything is running smoothly. LP Gapps should work fine.
  7. Sure thing....try this and let me know if it works....
  8. Yes, I am also using the 2.0 version of the kernel. I downloaded it from their site early this morning. I can upload somewhere if you want.
  9. There is a new update today, which I've been running all morning without issue. Great ROM so far. Very stable as a DD.
  10. Thank you! Which recovery are you using to install? Can you post a link?
  11. Does anyone have the 1/27 build they could post? Thanks!
  12. Galaxy S4 For Sale

    This has sold, if you want to delete it. Thanks!