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  1. didn't try. Not a big deal. It is still s-off
  2. Worked great. Thanks again.
  3. I have a couple HTC desires with CyanogenMod 7 with Data2SD + cMTD. I want to completely remove all of the software and partitions and put phone back to as close to factory stock as possible. Can someone lead me to some files and ways to accomplish this. Thanks, Stan
  4. Electrify unlock screen ?

    Cool makes sense. I question it because my desire running CM7 didn't have two lock screens. I put the pattern lock on it because my 6 and 4 year olds figured out to unlock the default screen and filled my SD card with random images of almost everything in my house. Some are actually pretty good pictures I must say. S
  5. Electrify unlock screen ?

    I have an exchange account on this phone but there is no active sync policy enforced. I am the admin of the domain in which the exchange servers resides so I might be able to work around it if need be.
  6. Electrify unlock screen ?

    I set the unlock option screen to use a pattern swipe on my new electrify. It works great except that the normal left to right unlock is still there and I have to do both to unlock the phone. Don't think that is how it is supposed to be. I also am running launcher pro plus as well but i cant find any setting in there to change either. Any help would be appreciated. Stan
  7. Electrify activation

    Just got a new electrify and I love it. Sad thing is Im getting ready to move to a non US Cellular location. Was wondering if anyone knew if Verizon would activate this phone. I would hate to have to buy a new phone less than a month after I got the electrify. S
  8. All you HTC developers rejoice
  9. Desire not getting official Gingerbread update

    Not so fast. ... to-desire/
  10. Would Love To See Your Homescreens!

    Here is mine since its baseball season. [attachment=0]screenshot.png[/attachment]
  11. Gapps won't install

  12. Gapps won't install

    never used it but sdk is installed on pc. I can boot up the phone fine into CM7 #37 and use it with no problem
  13. Gapps won't install

    edit: It flashed fine but below is what happened after a reboot back into recovery i did that. I even replaced the with and tried it same result. i then tried flash_image recovery recovery-bravoc- with same result. My recovery it toast it look like. I need a working one. I really don't care which one at this point.
  14. Gapps won't install

    installed recovery and recovery will only boot to a line that reads recovery I have to pull battery to reboot.