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  1. Got one!

    Is it possible you had the s7 confused with the g5?
  2. LG G5

    I've also read that LG is disabling adoptive storage on the G5, for much the same reasons, so it's not just nasty old Samsung. However, if you want adoptable storage on your s7, and probably the g5, someone's already figured out how to enable what the manufacturers disabled. They didn't remove it, just disabled the function, and it isn't a big deal to fix, as long as you realize if you take the card out of your phone nothing else will read it. Positives and negatives to that. Just realized that link just talks about it, here's the link with actual instructions.
  3. You do understand that BoгИX was using milk as an illustration? As always, YMMV. The only time I need to worry about kids wanting to use one of my devices is when the grandkids visit. Personally, that's why I like devices with lots of storage space. Then I can load it up with lots of movies and TV shows and don't have to stream.
  4. I really do agree with this. We only have a few days left in this cycle, and we've only used about 500 meg of data. We are on WiFi the majority of the time. Especially dthe last five months my wife has been working from home, and she has hardly left the house. That will change on April 1, but that isn't going change things that much.
  5. Yeah, the only thing that costs more is if I would stay on my old plan and want to upgrade from our S4's. From what David told me they would continue to charge me the same amount they did when our subsidized phones were included, with an installment for new phones on top of that. Less data, although as David says, and someone else mentioned earlier, we've never gotten close to using all our data. Most of the time we are on wifi, at home, work, meetings, family. The other positive aspect, as mentioned earlier in the threat is that tethering is included. Also, if if we would actually go over the 3 gig the charge for going over is far less. We could better pay $15 or $30 for one month than to pay the extraa every monthy for data we don't use. I'm not necessarily happy about it, but USC still has the best coverage where I live, and hopefully the expanded LTE coverage will take away my frustration when I travel. From the checking I've been doing it really wouldn't save me much to go to another provider.
  6. I'm confused. This thread and one a few threads down in this forum talk about being able to upgrade at 18 months. I know that in the past I could use Belief Points to upgrade early. Those are of course gone. I'm past the 18 month point. I'm at 24 months on April 4, my wife will hit 24 months on May 14. So, we are so close we might as well wait. But, I'm confused because everything here says you can upgrade after 18 months, or payments. My account page lists both our phones. Under the picture of the phone it says "Upgrade this device without a discount" and to the right it says we have 0 months and 0 days left until we can upgrade at a discounted price, below that it says we will be eligible on the dates I gave. When I click on the "upgrade with out a discount" the only choice it gives me is a 2 year contract with the phones at full price. Is the site screwed up, am I missing something, or do I just wait until the dates, which are just weeks away, and what kind of a discount can I get then? I probably should have mentioned, (I did infer) that we are on an old Belief plan. I'm on a online chat with USCellular now, and he's trying to get me to move to a new plan. Everything on this thread talks about being able to upgrade after 18 months, but at this point he says I have to buy out the remaining time, which of course isn't much for us at this point, but still seems different than what I have been reading here. I guess I received my answer. [David] Thank you sir that's it! What line on the account are you looking to do an upgrade on? [Visitor] Both [David] Is anything going on with either phone? Or just looking to get something new? [Visitor] Nothing wrong with them, just wanted something new. [Visitor] Used to be able to do this with belief points, but you took those away [David] Let me look into some options for you, did you have your eye on anything in particular as far as devices go? We did eliminate the belief points program to help provide better overall service to our customers, for things like expanding 4G, and better roaming coverage when traveling. [Visitor] Galaxy S7 Edges [Visitor] Be nice if you could still do something for customers who have been with you for 11 years. [David] We do certainly appreciate you as a long time customer, and have many ways to assist in getting new devices, I'm checking on a couple of those for you right now. [David] Thanks for holding for me David, both of your lines are within 6 months of upgrade eligibility which means they both qualify for Early Equipment Upgrades, #3016 would qualify for an early upgrade for $29.24 and #3018 would qualify for an early upgrade for $14.66. On your current plan when upgrading to new devices you must take the devices at Retail Installments (paying for the devices over a 24 month period). Have you looked into our New Shared Connect Plans to see if they would be a better fit for you and possibly save you some money? [Visitor] We have looked. Main change would be that we would have less data in our plan for possibly a little less money. [David] Based on your average usage from the last months a 3GB Shared Connect Plan would be a perfect fit, it's good to have a lot of data on each line like you currently do, unless you are paying for data you aren't using, we want to make sure you are on the best plan to fit your needs and budget. [Visitor] We'll consider it. [David] I would be happy to provide a breakdown for you on what your bill would look like with both lines upgrading on your current plan vs a new plan. [Visitor] OK. I'd like to see that. But the bottom line is, we can upgrade early, but we have to buy out the remaining time, we really can't upgrade early without a penalty. [David] You can upgrade early with a small fee, it is not a penalty, it is a convenience we offer to our customers in case things come up, sometimes phones break, sometimes customers just want something new, we want to offer flexibility for our customers to get what they want. Here is a breakdown of your current plan vs a new plan as listed below. [David] Current Plan $139.99 #3016- $32.50 Retail Installment Payment for S7 Edge+ $8.99 Device Protection #3018- $32.50 Retail Installment Payment for S7 Edge+ $8.99 Device Protection Coming to a total of $222.97 before taxes and fees Shared Connect Plan with 3GB of Data and Unlimited Talk and Text- $40.00 #3018- $40.00 Smartphone Connection Charge+ $8.99 Device Protection #3016- $40.00 Smartphone Connection Charge+ $8.99 Device Protection Coming to a total of $137.98 before taxes and fees, these prices are getting the S7 Edge at 2 year contract pricing of $299.99 each Shared Connect 3GB Data Plan with Unlimited Talk and Text- $40.00 #3016- $20.00 Smartphone Connection Charge + $32.50 Retail Installment Payment+ $8.99 Device Protection #3018- $20.00 Smartphone Connection Charge + $32.50 Retail Installment Payment+ $8.99 Device Protection Coming to a total of $162.98 before taxes and fees, and this pricing is with the S7 Edge on Retail Installments, does all this make sense? [Visitor] So on our current plan you no longer give the subsidized phones, we have to move to the shared connect plan? [David] On the retired plans the only way to receive an upgraded device is with the Retail Installment option, on the Shared Connect Plans you have flexibility with taking either option, the benefit to the Retail Installment plan is after 18 payments you can trade them in toward another Retail Installment upgrade. [Visitor] OK, I will have to talk it over with my wife. Thank you. The 18 month is just for those on installment plans. Another way to get those of us still on the old plans to change.
  7. data roaming deal

    In the last month I have been in Houston and in the Los Angeles area. I expected to be roaming there, and I was. Phone was fine, data limited to anything from 1x to 3g. What I didn't expect was earlier this week when I visited my kids in Harlan, Iowa, and half the time it said I was roaming. In the past year they finally got 4g, and most of the time I still had it, but it was strange to see the roaming window come up when I would turn on my phone. I'm tired of traveling and always being on roaming, with limited data speeds. When I go to Minnesota, 50 miles away, I'm at 1x most of the time I'm there. My son just started a new position which gives him the opportunity to have up to 50 lines, with equipment and service at 80% off, through AT&T. Just waiting until he visits to find out how the AT&T coverage is where I live.
  8. data roaming deal

    On Thursday I head to Houston for 10 days. In November I have a quick trip planned to southern California. I was hoping by now we'd have some kind of roaming plan, but that was optimistic. Stopped at a Subway next to a Verizon store yesterday and commented that maybe we should check out Verizon while we were there. I think she thought I was joking, but I really wasn't.
  9. S4 lollipop update info

    Be prepared for a 100% wipe in your future lol. I've seen it and read about it in almost all phones that are coming from KitKat. Unless you 100% clean install (factory reset before booting) there has almost always been issues. However I hope you are not plagued with such issues. After two days I can't say I've had any issues. Battery life doesn't seem any worse, possibly a little better. Like Androidfanboy, I'm not a big fan of the color scheme, but I don't think I've had the problems he has. I haven't had to use a magnifying glass. I do like the notifications on the lock screen.
  10. S4 lollipop update info

    When the download finishes you get a screen that says you will need 900+ meg more for the OS when it is installed. and you need 3 gig open for the install to take place.
  11. S4 lollipop update info

    Took me a while to finish the download that had started at home after I got to work, our internet keeps dropping out. I'm afraid the modem is going. I did have two widgets that I had to reinstall, but that's no big deal.
  12. S4 lollipop update info

    Downloaded and installed the update. Everything seems to be working fine. Except for changing the looks of some icons my screen everything is just the way it was before. Saved all my passwords, settings, etc. Obviously haven't had time to do a factory reset yet. I'll give it a few days and see how things work.
  13. data roaming deal

    If it's Verizon that is definitely something to consider. I can bundle Verizon with my Centurylink/DirecTV bundle, and save a few bucks. Plus, they actually offer Windows phones. GOOD Windows phones. But in Iowa I would still have access to the USC network.
  14. Well, that is even worse 0.0. I'll probably use that much in the first hour leaving my county. I'll be the only occupant of my car driving down and using my phone (Via Bluetooth and voice commands) for both Audio Streaming and Navigation. I thought for sure I could just pop another sim in there for LTE but it sounds like I'm SOL. Does the throttling kick in right away? I experienced the harsh reality of throttling last year but realistically I had limited coverage anyway so perhaps it won't be that bad this time. Best bet is to use an off-line navigator like Sygic or HERE, and download the music you want. Put the money into a memory card with more available memory to hold the music. I'll be heading to Cleveland in a couple of days (going through or around Chicago, and that's what I do. At least when I get there the convention center and hotel will have Wi-Fi available.
  15. LG G4

    According to CNet both Sprint and USCellular have announced a June release.