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  1. Also no-one took into account that the Carrier (USCC, Verizon, Etc) also have a long, lengthy test periods for the software updates so they can fill them with their bloat, and make sure all the extra stuff they pack into your phone works.. This process at its quickest is 6 weeks from when Samsung submits it to them. Its kinda like how Xbox and Sony work for patches with games. It has to be ratified by the Big Boss before release. It really has nothing to do with Samsung Per se in most cases but its the carrier
  2. Root [Solved]

    Soon.... There are posts in both the Verizon and Sprint Variants that are showing root (as of 6/13/16).. Not unlocked bootloader though and is still not ready for prime time due to bugs.... But still... Soon (tm)
  3. Cracked screen $73 is waaaay cheaper than the insurance premiums. Also the phoe is super easy to open and gets a repairability score of 8/10 on See here:
  4. Has anyone got one yet? My thoughts on things

    Exactly.. Which is why i said it's not the OS. I also have a nexus device tablet and the volumes are not combined on lollipop at all.The fact you CAN seperate the volumes without root using a third party app also strengthens the fact it's the manufacturer and not Google's OS that is imposing the limitation for simplicity's sake. You know after reading your post again you are saying that lg "combined" ringer and notification together and that is what my wife wants but on her g4 they are not, for her the notifications are tired to media so when she plays a game she turns down the volume, media, then when she is done if she doesn't turn the sound, media, back up you do not hear the notifications for text messages, etc go off. Basically I wish lollipoop would handle the sound just like KitKat! Then it would solve world peace and end beheadings and make us one great plant! Good drugs huh? Then tell us what the trick is to have the notifications ring tones use the same volume as the main ringer?!Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  5. Has anyone got one yet? My thoughts on things

    It's not the OS. It's LGs decision to combine the ringer volume and notifying volumes. Which i admit is bloody annoying.. You can unlink them without root with a bit of software called Volume Control (persist) on the play store.. But it requires an in app purchase after like 24 hours Sent from my VS986 using Tapatalk
  6. Has anyone got one yet? My thoughts on things

    Wouldn't you want to root and use some of the battery life applications available? Maybe, but I am gonna leave it for a bit until root is a little easier .. After all you can disable most of the apps you dont need .. most of them..
  7. Has anyone got one yet? My thoughts on things

    I have a G4, however with all the problems I was having with US Cellular's networks speeds at 4G, and the god awful roaming situation they have with other carriers right now, I ended up jumping ship to Verizon. Worked for them for 9 years as a service tech, and was still on thier service after the layoffs, and during all that time I would have never have dreamed of going to Verizon, but I did. Jumped from 0.45mb a sec on USCC's 4G to 35mbs a sec on Verizons in the same area... As it stands I got a superb deal and its only costing me $27 more than the $45 a month prepaid plan I had with USCC. Anyways, the phone itself is awesome, however battery life leaves a lot to be desired. The thing tends to munch down on them like a hungry fat man at an all you can eat buffet.. There is a root method available (its on XDA's LG G4 section - USCC is also there) there are zero custom roms as of yet either.. Which to be honest I havent bothered with root on the device, Its such a nice change from Samsung/USCC, that I hardly want to change anything right now.. Of course that will change later I am sure... Anyways, I will still lurk from time to time, but as it stands, Myself and USCC are totally done and dusted..
  8. Crap Data When Roaming

    Also as a side note, in a 4G USCC area today and just look at my killer network speeds Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  9. Crap Data When Roaming

    No you are correct its the APNS.I have had to abandon all the custom ROMs because they just flat out do NOT get data when roaming. I live in an area when i can travel 10 miles and hit a roaming tower so i have tested this pretty well. Unless you want to stick with maybe a build of CM12 that's dated April this year you are kinda flat out of choices due to the total lack of development of the USCC variant of the S5. I went back to stock, and if i gave a toss about phones like I used to back in the day when I was a USCC Tech, I would be no longer in this phone and into a different one. But life is too short, i no longer give a toss, so ill run this into the ground, or if I end up roaming a lot more, switch carriers to one that doesn't restrict you to less than 14.4k modem speeds when in a different state.. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  10. As the title says really.. Been on stock now for ages, and decided it must be good now.. Go into XDA, download specific KLTEUSC versions of ROMS and every single one of the newer builds, just plain don't work. CM12 APNS won't add and are messed up FUSION no data due to APNS again And basically the same with others.. Anyone want a crappy S5? I'm really kinda done with this phone and development on USCC variant of it.. /end rant... Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  11. Yeah tried that today.Worked fine until i roamed out of the area then got no data and would not regain data once i was back into a home market. Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  12. Leaving USCC

    I went to New Mexico for work earlier in the year for a week.... That was the most painful week ever. I only used 49mb of my alloted 200mb but to be honest it was that slow, that i have seen a 14k modem perform better back in the 90s... I ended up using a Verizon HotSpot to connect my phone to, just to get work emails on my phone.. When USCC got rid of us Techs, i did the smart thing and moved my number to prepaid. I'm looking at other options, even a straight Talk sim would be better than that.. On top of that we STILL don't have 4G in northern new Hampshire, even though it was slated for 1st quarter (wave 4) this year.. Verizon has had 4G in the same area now for 2 years... Sad to see what they have become, more so because i used to drink the USCC kool aid for 9 long years... Sent from my SM-G900R4 using Tapatalk
  13. GPS is totally B0rked in this ATM. GPS status won't get any satts. Maps won't work properly. Shame coz pretty much everything else is fine for me (I don't use Bluetooth however)
  14. ktoonsez 11-6 aosp kernel on CM11

    I have given up on this phone, CM11 is b0rked, and no one is working on and are now working on CM12. Which is fine and dandy, but at least fix the last working version before moving on.. CM 12 is still too buggy for me atm, but i think by the time things are good with it i will have either got rid of my S5 or US Cellular service, or even both. This kind of stuff has happened on the last few phones now.. Time to move on i think...
  15. *228 = busy signal.

    This can happen if the provisioning servers are down/overloaded in your area...
  16. Subsidized option going away for retired plans 1/8

    Remember when US Cellular's motto was "Believe in something better" ? Wonder why they dropped it a couple of years ago? Yeah let that sink in for a bit....
  17. Does anyone have ANY ideas why MMS will not work with the latest builds. APNs are set to be used, even removed and reentered the APNs, still no dice and reports there is no APN set up on the device... Other than that everything else is perfect...
  18. Hey guys... As you may or may not know, US Cellular as of the 26th Oct have changed the pricing and policies of out of warranty (OOW) repair. What does this mean? Well it means that repair prices are going up DRASTICALLY and it also pretty much signals the end of getting any physical repairs done in store (if your tech was old enough to be able to do them/use a soldering iron) Out of Warranty will be pretty much anything that is deemed “normal wear and tear” as none of the manufacturers cover any kind of minimal damage under warranty. If its an actual electrical defect that is not caused by the user/misuse then that is pretty much all that is covered. Any cracks (even though its functional and even if you don’t want it to be replaced), missing pieces, damage to the back etc will NOT be covered. Prices are going to be based on the value of the device (Retail Price) and are tired as follows: Devices up to $300 in value (including all feature phones) $150.00 fee for ANY OOW Repair. Devices from $301-$500 in value $300.00 for ANY OOW Repair Devices from $501 + in value $550.00 for any OOW Repair. Remember this is for anything that is wrong with the device (Charging port, headphone jack etc – Parts that cost pennies in bulk..) and if they cant repair the device they will replace it for the same or like device for that charge. The charges will be charged up front before the phone is sent out and you can still get a loaner for 15 days... Talking about loaners, USCC is making sure all stores have smart-phone and feature phone loaners. However the price for losing it or not returning the loaner within 15 days of issue (Even if your phone is back from repair or not) is going up from $150 to $500. If you phone isn’t back you need to call into the store and let them know you need an extension on the loaner. The Techs will no longer be doing this and the honus is on the customer to be aware of it. Before this it was give loaner, wait till phone comes back.. Notify... week later notify... if still not back - Charge for non return... This is not happening anymore, and will be automatic and done in the system pretty soon after this launched yesterday... So all in all, pretty drastic changes. Some of which I do not agree with at all... But this is all to push Device protection/Apple-care as the better alternative than sending it out... So I have decided that I am going to do repairs myself with some friends. ( We have been thinking about this for a while and had registered our business back in July/August) Our Company is Solstice Technology Repair LLC and we have a Facebook page here : and a rudimentary web page here : Please excuse the unfinished look of our website, we are trying to to this in our own spare time while also working full time in our “other” jobs.. If you need a repair send us the details of what is wrong and we will give you a free quote. Our prices are : Price of Parts (Minimum of $15 – to cover shipping etc) + $30.00 labor So for example: Charging port for S3 $45 total cost for repair If you went to US Cellular this would be a $300 repair – End of story... Of course Displays are going to start getting pricey, seeing that a S4 Display usually goes for around, $240, but even so that repair cost is still $285 vs $550 from US Cellular. Also in most cases you wont lose your data on the phone unless its a software issue that requires us to wipe the device to fix it (And most of you here are more than capable of doing software stuff yourself I should think) As a promotion for all Team Us Cellular Forum members, we are going to offer a 10% discount on all repairs. All we ask is that you spread the word and bring us more business, so we can grow and finally do this full time and quit our day jobs.... Thanks again.
  19. That's because basically we could no longer run it. Other jobs and real life got in the way, and resulted in us shuttering everything. Sorry for not getting back, ive been pretty much vacant from this site since us cellular let all us techs go. Only reason i have USCellular service right now is because i won an s5 just before we was laid off, and didn't want to buy / change device for straight talk.
  20. This is also why I have just plain given up on AOSP roms as well... Yet AGAIN another version of Android comes out and they move on and leave a broken implementation of the last version and do bugger all to fix it... At least release a FINAL version will 99% of the features working and THEN stop development on it... But no... they all jump ship and lose interest and then we have to wait again for months to get all the kinks worked out on the new "Shiny" version and hope it doesnt happen again... This is WHY I am on modified Stock.... Its borderline insanity to do anything otherwise...
  21. Exposed does not work with ART and only Dalvik. As Lolipop is ART only, I don't imagine it will work with CM12 until it's been rewritten (along with all the modules). It works with CM11 however.. Just wish there was a great camera replacement on AOSP Roms, coz not one is a patch on the Samsung stock camera (no 60fps, no 4k, etc). I end up back on stock every time I try to use those limited cameras..
  22. Try putting stock back on, get a lock, reboot to twrp, backup efs, wipe, install cyanogen and gapps, then restore your efs that you backed up. Reboot, go outside and try to get a lock.
  23. Meet your new Service Techs

    As of June 27th all service techs, Lead Service Techs and Service Managers are eliminated from the company.. So with that thought in mind, here is your new Service Tech in all stores... Mike the UberTechBoxen.... Behold!!
  24. If you are an owner of a new Samsung device since the S3 and you registered your dropbox with them, you get 50gb for 2 years for free..