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  1. I have been with Verizon now since last summer. I switched when I hit the last straw. I was traveling in Alaska and the USCC map showed data service in larger cities. I had NO data service even in Anchorage. I couldn't check email until I got on wifi. I called USCC from Fairbanks, and after 15 minutes of checking, the agent said she doesn't think they have data there. When I got home and switched, the USCC agent asked me why. I explained this story, and she said that they do have data there, and the first agent should have known this and phoned Alaska to resolve it with the company there. Well too late. I liked USCC customer service up to this point, and the signal had been good in most places. But we had very poor signal at Emerald Isle, NC for years, and that is home territory for USCC . I have not had a down side to Verizon until now. Suddenly we are having problems in eastern NC. Voice signal in and out and more dropped calls. Verizon store acknowledges something is going on, but no solutions yet. Manager thinks it started with a bad wind storm, but their technicians do not seem to see it as a priority. Will AT&T be in my future?
  2. Case

    I would like to see that too. I tried the Otterbox Defender, but the problem is the glass is not well protected and tempered glass is recommended. However tempered leads to horrible touch sensitivity. What about just a scratch protector, like the old original Zaggs? Is there one, as I haven't found it? I may take my chances with the gorilla glass for breaking, but would like some scratch protection.
  3. Data in Alaska

    So, I went to Alaska seeing nice pink dots all over the major cities on the coverage map for 3G data. In Alaska, I only had voice service. I phoned USCC from Fairbanks, and the agent first thought I would have roaming fees for calls there. After I convinced her that Alaska was in the US, she checked and checked and said NO data service in Alaska. I came home and after 16+years with USCC, switched to Verizon. A USCC rep told me I should have called (I did) and then said USCC agent should have routed my call to roaming staff, who would call Alaska and find out WHY their towers aren't letting me on. Oh well. Sorry their agents are trained better. I am wondering however, has anyone had data service in Alaska, even 3G? What's with their map?
  4. Data Uage

    Well, guess how I "fixed" it? I restarted the phone. Weird that it happened, but simple fix!
  5. Data Uage

    It is odd. My wife has the same phone and has what you describe which is what I used to have. But mine is different.
  6. Data Uage

    I used to be able to go to Data Usage and set a usage threshold, as well as customize the date range. Now I have one date range, and now warning. Did something change with some update? I am using Android 5.0 on Samsung Galaxy S5.
  7. Current Lollipop Build?

    May have to check out soundhHUD. Lollipop seems to have a bug. I set phone on sound at night so alarm comes through. I have priority set so only family phone calls come through. But when I get a gmail, it turns my priority settings off automatically. Wierd. The star is gone in the notification panel and gmail wakes me up. This upgrade is annoying.
  8. Current Lollipop Build?

    Any idea when we may get the patch? The silent mode issue is a problem too if you like the LIght Flow app (which provides different LED colors for different alerts, real useful if you are in silent mode, and you can see if you have received a call, email, text, etc without turning phone screen on). Current version makes LED silent. Real annoying.
  9. I got my update last week, build ending in OC1. I saw on another board that OC7 is out, and it fixed the problem with Clock alarm not working in Silent Mode. Are we supposed to get that build at some point?
  10. Text Message problem from AT&T

    It appears the sender does use Imessage, and they claim (since I am not an Apple guy) that their phone "knows" if it sends to Android and converts. My conclusion is: the Imessage to Android works for short messages, but it doesn't covert for long messages. I suspect that is because Android makes long messages MMS, and it is probably too much for Apple. (LOL).
  11. Text Message problem from AT&T

    Okay, did a little more testing. When the text is rather long, it doesn't come. When her friends are told to send shorter texts, works great. Does that make any sense? I know longer texts become MMS, is that an issue with Iphone?
  12. My daughter has a Galaxy S5 and says that she often does not receive texts from her friends with Iphones on AT&T. Is this a known problem? Any thoughts? She thinks she only gets 50%, and the others never come, not just delayed.
  13. 4G coverage expansion!

    Thanks for clarifying that. I saw so much on folks still trying to get "local" 4G that I never figured beyond that was in the works. I saw the roaming and didn't understand what it referred to, so now I do!
  14. 4G coverage expansion!

    Will there ever be expansion to "roaming" areas? Sometimes it is frustrating to go to most major cities and be stuck on 3G in those settings.
  15. PRL version

    Just did update. Mine did not change.