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  1. I have zero issues with my S9+ Sent from my Samsung S9+ using Tapatalk
  2. Received SMS messages split up

    Aren't phones supposed to be smart enough to convert SMS to MMS when people type over 160 chars? One would think so but it doesn't seem like that is actually happening.
  3. How do I stop long SMS messages that I receive from being split up and mixed up. It makes reading them super confusing plus it's annoying when I receive multiple text alerts for one broken up sms message.
  4. Always on Display

    I agree with you on the battery issue though it barely drained mine. I turned mine off mainly cuz it's pretty useless.
  5. I find that the Always on Display on the GS7 Edge only displays Time, Calendar, SMS notifications and Missed phone calls. It doesn't show anything else like FB, twitter, snapchat or other types of notification. I decided to turn off always on display because of it's large lack of usefulness. I find that the Always on display for the Moto X is a lot better on my work phone than the GS7. Anybody else notice how useless the Always is display on the GS7 is?
  6. Anybody getting one?

    I have the GS7 edge. It's a really nice phone so far. After I tripped knox on my GS5 I don't really have any current plans to root the GS7 but maybe someday if it is ever even possible.
  7. Wifi doesn't work on GS5

    Just tried an older Linksys G router and it works now.. It's really weird because everything works with the netgear router except for my Samsung GS5. Oh well at least wifi works with a different router. Thinking about replacing my main router now..
  8. Wifi doesn't work on GS5

    Tried setting it up with a open wifi network and still doesn't connect to internet on my GS5 though all laptops and other devices in house work just fine.
  9. Wifi doesn't work on GS5

    I have specified that it is WPA2 on the phone. The phone connects to Wifi but it simply has no internet there after.. Only way I can have internet on the phone is to have it on the US Cellular network.
  10. Wifi doesn't work on GS5

    Doesn't list if it's 2.4 or 5ghz in the settings anywhere.. It's a Netgear WNR3500Lv2 and I'm using WPA2
  11. Wifi doesn't work on GS5

    Yes my router is a gigabit gaming router. Wifi still isn't working on my GS5 with my wifi at home but it works on my Son's GS4 and on my old GS3
  12. Sgs5 software update!

    This update broke my root that I did with towelroot and I can't root it again now using that method
  13. Wifi doesn't work on GS5

    My G5 quit working on wifi again tonight. I have tried static, dhcp and different channels but still problems.. I need to download an app on it but rather not use my data to do that.
  14. Wifi doesn't work on GS5

    Yeah but i got my DHCP range starting at 100 everything below that is set to static. My router isn't one of those super cheap ones most people use but a gigabit gaming router.
  15. Wifi doesn't work on GS5

    Switching to Static does the trick though I'm not sure why it would require me to set a static IP for wifi though I guess that isn't a problem for home use since I have other devices on the network that are set to static too