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  1. Haven't noticed the lag at all. Been on bone stock for quite some time too. What are you noticing it with? I don't do too much demanding stuff.
  2. Just checked, it's late, and I was pulling 35mbps. Sounds like with new plans, I could NEVER get that speed. Once again, these new plans are more expensive & worse service than what I have now.
  3. Sonova!
  4. Interesting. So, if that is correct...I could activate under my Google Voice number (a 515 area code), then port my USCC number over? Hmm.
  5. @mweba, are you still on fi? I'm in Eastern Iowa too and I think I'm ready to take the jump. May get a sim and test run it for awhile before I drop USCC. Do you need to drive over to a 641/515 area code to activate it?
  6. There's still an awful lot of people though that walk into USCC and say "I need a new phone". Don't give hardly a pause at pricing, deals, etc. Only it's $22/month, that's not a bad price....
  7. Shoot, I wonder how many phones besides Samsung they're even selling. I would think a not insignificant amount of iPhone users buy from Apple/Applecare. Beyond that, most other phones have to be such a small market share...probably not hardly worth advertising for.
  8. Only thing keeping me from switching. It'd be too much of a PITA to get a new number at this point.
  9. I think that depends on your phone number
  10. Are you guys trying to tell me that USCC is stumbling back and forth with a new introduction to something?
  11. I, too, was at O'Hare on Wednesday and my 5x was not LTE roaming
  12. Is there a reason for always showing Roaming Indicator? Doesn't seem to affect service. I've seen it on both Nexus & non-nexus devices. Def on any rooted device.
  13. Good idea. I'll give that a try. I wonder if xposed, etc. on my tablet is breaking safetynet check. I've kept safetynet intact on my phone for Android Pay, hence why I could download the movie there.
  14. Yea, tried google support. Once I told them I was rooted, they pretty much said 'sorry, we can't help' I'm guessing it's something to do with rom/kernel. Oh well. Downloaded it elsewhere...
  15. I'm having trouble downloading a movie I purchased from Google Play. Can stream fine, can download to my chromebook & phone. Just not my Note 8 tablet. No error number or anything. Just "This video couldn't be downloaded". Have plenty of storage space. Tried clearing app data, etc. No luck. I've downloaded stuff in the past.