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  1. Unlimited on US Celluar

  2. It's good to know it's not just me. Few MMS photos to come through are almost unusable they're so bad.
  3. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Wow. What about the outlying areas? I live close to the Cedar Valley & Verizon sucks right in our town. One of the biggest reasons keeping me away from them.
  4. Unlimited on US Celluar

    It should not be this complicated. It shouldn't be this way. Why are they doing this? It makes no sense, unless you're just assuming all your customers are total blind sheep.
  5. 5x long term

    Haven't noticed the lag at all. Been on bone stock for quite some time too. What are you noticing it with? I don't do too much demanding stuff.
  6. Unlimited on US Celluar

    Just checked, it's late, and I was pulling 35mbps. Sounds like with new plans, I could NEVER get that speed. Once again, these new plans are more expensive & worse service than what I have now.
  7. Google Project Fi

  8. Google Project Fi

    Interesting. So, if that is correct...I could activate under my Google Voice number (a 515 area code), then port my USCC number over? Hmm.
  9. Google Project Fi

    @mweba, are you still on fi? I'm in Eastern Iowa too and I think I'm ready to take the jump. May get a sim and test run it for awhile before I drop USCC. Do you need to drive over to a 641/515 area code to activate it?
  10. Black Friday 2016

    There's still an awful lot of people though that walk into USCC and say "I need a new phone". Don't give hardly a pause at pricing, deals, etc. Only it's $22/month, that's not a bad price....
  11. Black Friday 2016

    Shoot, I wonder how many phones besides Samsung they're even selling. I would think a not insignificant amount of iPhone users buy from Apple/Applecare. Beyond that, most other phones have to be such a small market share...probably not hardly worth advertising for.
  12. US Cellular now Project FI Provider

    Only thing keeping me from switching. It'd be too much of a PITA to get a new number at this point.
  13. US Cellular now Project FI Provider

    I think that depends on your phone number
  14. US Cellular now Project FI Provider

    Are you guys trying to tell me that USCC is stumbling back and forth with a new introduction to something?
  15. data roaming deal

    I, too, was at O'Hare on Wednesday and my 5x was not LTE roaming