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  1. I heard a rumor about more areas being sold

    Heard it from a friend that lives in Oregon. He said many of his USCC employee friends said that they are now looking for work.
  2. Greetings! Heard a rumor today that most of Oregon and my area which is at the very top center of California are being sold to Verizon. Are there any employees here that can let out just a little information so that I can start planning? Thanks in advance! Rachel
  3. I am now a member of US Cellular Customer Crew

    Guess I just don't understand the rudeness toward this person when all they did was post because they were excited to be a part of this team. Sure, it may not be for everyone. I'm happy to be earning points at an amazing rate and being rewarded with some awesome stuff. I've earned 50000 points with the Crew in just over a year. Hope y'all never try to share what makes you happy.
  4. Kyocera Durapro first impressions

    Thanks for posting this! I'd like to get one for my husband, but, will wait to hear more about the reception. We live in a fringe area.
  5. I am now a member of US Cellular Customer Crew

    You earn Belief points and lots of great prizes. You share all about USCC through social media. The only requirements are that you remain an active member. You can do that at your own pace. You can apply here: http://bit.ly/XsnjT7 Here is the criteria: To qualify for The U.S. Cellular® Customer Crew, you must be:19 years or olderA current Belief Plan customerRegistered with My AccountIn good standing with U.S. Cellular®
  6. I am now a member of US Cellular Customer Crew

    Congratulations! You'll enjoy the rewards. I have been given two phones as a crew member. One was the SGS III. Too bad it was a bad one. What "leverage", rcgaryk? You don't have any leverage. Got my Note II for free with the points I earned in less than a year. This was in December. I'm back up over 21000 points now.
  7. Signal Strength

    The update removed the universal search where it would search your phone as well as the internet. Apple did not want us to have this option.
  8. TeamUSCellular Giveaway Round #2

    #70, please. Thank you!
  9. Signal Strength

    I've tried the *228 since day one with no luck. I will try it one more time just because there is nothing else to do.
  10. Signal Strength

    If you have the dropped call and data loss issue, be sure to email the social team!! They are working with Samsung for a fix and gathering information. Email: socserv@uscellular.com Cintia is the one who contacted me. I know Jason is also gathering info. You might enter one of their names in the subject line and an explanation of what your email is concerning. Include this info: Cell phone number- Location of Problem- City- State- Zip Code- ESN (take off the back cover>look for MEID (D))- Software Version (Go to Settings>System>About Device>Baseband version)- Provide problem details-
  11. Cache/History Cleaners

    I use App Cache Cleaner and also History Eraser.
  12. Data Usage

    I'm wondering if it has something to do with Dropbox. I don't use it often, but, I know that it can upload your photos instantly. You might check your Dropbox settings.
  13. Is Your Grandfathered Plan Going Away? (Updated 4-23 @9:00pm)

    I believe these "discontinued" plans are the extremely old plans. They can't carry everyone forever!
  14. Video Camera

    Thank you. I'll fiddle with it a bit today.
  15. Video Camera

    Hi. I'm running Oxygen 2.3.7. I've had my Desire since they came out and I've seldom used my video cam. Tried it the other day and it did nothing. Nothing at all. I don't know if this is an aspect of Oxygen or not. Does anybody know a fix? Thanks in advance!