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  1. *facedesk* Upgrade Coming Up...Help?

    I went with the S4 ... Thanks all for the help!
  2. *facedesk* Upgrade Coming Up...Help?

    Thank you all for the responses. You guys have been a great help!
  3. *facedesk* Upgrade Coming Up...Help?

    Thank you all for your input! Greatly appreciated as I said above. Would love to hear more input if anyone else has any. Have a great day!
  4. I have an upgrade coming up on the 29th. I have the Motorola Electrify and ready for an upgrade. I've been looking at a few phones...and I'm having a hard time deciding what to get. I mostly use it for facebook, pictures, sometimes skype, and to keep up to date on sports as they happen. The phones that I'm looking at are: Samsung S3, S4, Mega Motorola Moto X HTC One Thank you in advance for all that respond. Greatly appreciated.
  5. To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

    I swear I did....I must have forgotten the save part LOL
  6. To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

    I went shopping with my Dad and picked it up...Dad thought I was crazy for picking up a phone for the price I did. But I think it's awesome!
  7. To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

    I picked up the Electrify yesterday and I love it
  8. Ringtones

    It took me a while to figure it out > Or actually get Myxer to cooperate with me. But I blame me cause it takes me a bit sometimes to figure things out in my head and on the phone!
  9. Ringtones

    Myxer sends me the ringtone in a text/picture message where I have to save the mp3 to my phone. Which in turn I can view from my Music Player. How do I get the mp3 in the folder that you mentioned? I'm new to this phone and moving files from one place to another so, I need step by step.
  10. Ringtones

    So my ringtone/mp3's are saved to my Music Player. How do I set ringtones for certain people with different ringtones from the Music Player? I'm only getting the option to set it as my default ringtone. What am I doing wrong? BTW, I get my ringtones from Any and ALL help is greatly appreciated.
  11. To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

    Thank you!!
  12. To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

    Okay, I'm seriously getting annoyed with the "you've got low space" on my Desire. Plus having issues with the reception at my house. > Does anyone know when the Aviator is coming out? I want to check it out before picking out a phone from the SG2, Electrify, and Aviator. Any advice on those three phones would be appreciated!!
  13. To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

    Genesis has been discontinued and is no longer available, and I'm sure the merge will be the next to be dropped, as its been out for quite awhile. That being said, I have a feeling a new qwerty might be on the way, because that would leave us with no phySical keyboard Androids. just my opinion tho, but still something to think about. Sent from my Motorola Electrify using Tapatalk So to sum it up, you're basically saying that I should wait?
  14. To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

    Right now I have the HTC Desire...but I can use my Belief points to upgrade my phone.. I'd prefer if my phone had a QWERTY keyboard considering I wasn't exactly happy with how sensitive the keys were on the Desire. BUT, I want a good phone for the money. I like the LG Gensis or the HTC Merge, but I don't want to get those phones if they're planning on coming out with a phone that has the QWERTY keyboard? Or are they trying to move away from the QWERTY keyboard all together? BTW, I mostly use my phone for texting and internet. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day!