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  1. Got a new case

    I had that case - turns your phone into a great spinning top when you set it down on it's back on a smooth surface - couldn't use my phone while it was laying down because every touch of the screen caused it to rotate...
  2. That's what I thought I had read, but saw that listing and wanted to double check before I recommended it to anyone...
  3. I know they have two colors and two memory configurations, but that's the 4 model choices, right? Blue 32GB, White 32GB, Blue 64GB and White 64GB? I saw this deal on 1 Sale A Day for a "Google Nexus 6 XT1103 4G LTE - 32GB - Blue Factory Unlocked GSM- Water Resistant" for $299.99 shipped - but it says its the GSM version - aren't they all universal GSM + CDMA, or am I confused?
  4. Google App Update Changed Drawer Orientation

    I was actually looking forward to this in the Marshmallow update, so I'm glad that it showed up without having to un-root, OTA, re-root, etc.
  5. I found a used WeBoost Home 3G on ebay for $156 shipped. I got it today, hooked it up and put the "outdoor" antenna inside an upstairs window - facing the closest cell tower, then ran the cable downstairs, plugged it all in and I went from an average of -114 to -109 dBm to numbers between -89 and -79 dBm inside my house. I've had no problems sending MMS messages since hooking this up (it's only been a couple of hours, so perhaps too early to claim it fixes everything), but it appears it's actually working!
  6. Update today?

    Cool - I'll wait until there is more worthwhile update before I do the whole - wipe - reinstall - put everything back where it belongs routine. Rooted is the only issue, unlocked bootloader will still allow OTA updates?
  7. Update today?

    My Nexus 6 is stock, rooted. I did not change the recovery or anything else - just unlocked the bootloader and rooted. My phone downloaded the update (without asking) and wanted to reboot and install. I tapped OK, it counted down from 5 and rebooted to a dead Android with a red ! logo over his chest. Holding down the power button for several seconds it rebooted and is working - presumably without the update... What do I need to do to make the update work, and is there anything in the update to make it worth the effort? Note: on my previous rooted Android phones, it wouldn't even bother to download or try to install an update as soon as it noticed it was rooted - this was a new experience for me.
  8. Thanks! Good to hear it really works with USCC!
  9. Qi Wireless Charging

    I have some generic ones that I bought off ebay for around $10 each - they work, but you have to slide the phone about 1/2 - 3/4" up from being centered for it to start charging. I bought a 10,000 mAH power bank/Qi charger off of Amazon (the MobilePal Gen-2) for about $40 that I take with me to work. I work as a bartender and this allows me to keep my phone charged without the need for cables, and I can provide charging to any customers who need power. It works really well, but again you need to shift the phone about 1/4 - 1/2" up from center to charge. Most recently I go the Choetech Iron Stand T516 for $30 (with S&H) off of ebay and it works great in Portrait or Landscape mode with no shifting - just lay it on there and it charges. Seems very solidly made and works perfectly. I wish the wireless charging notification on the Nexus 6 was more reliable - I'd say it only beeps about 1/3 of the time when I use the other Qi chargers - it seems to be closer to 2/3 of the time on Choetech, but I haven't had it long enough say for certain. I had to enable the LED lit while charging feature to be sure it was charging when I used the other charging pads...
  10. Anyone have real world experience with using one on US Cellular? I get a fairly crappy signal in my home - and constantly experience issues with SMS and MMS messages not sending - they'll just sit there at "Sending..." and half the time they will fail and I have to tap-to-retry 2-3 times to get it sent. I also have issues with not receiving phone calls - my phone will be laying on the table next to me and "Beep" I've got a new voicemail message from someone who just tried to call and my phone never rang. I had this problem with my Samsung Note 3 and upgraded to a Nexus 6 two weeks ago and the problem didn't go away - it's not as bad as it was on the Note 3, but it's still occurring on a daily basis. I saw an ad for these signal enhancers from WeBoost but haven't found a whole lot online specifically regarding them and US Cellular. I don't need 4G speeds in my home as I'm on WiFi when I'm there, but not sure how the 3G vs. 4G will affect (if at all) the SMS and MMS messages. Thought I would ask the experts here before I spend that kind of money...
  11. Force a full Google backup?

    Force-stopped Amazon app, cleared cache and data and re-started it - list of installed apps was blank - yay!
  12. Force a full Google backup?

    Now that I'm rooted, I'm putting TB back on and sticking with it... Another problem I've just discovered - several of my apps I got free from Amazon are not showing up - but when I go into the Amazon Underground app to install them, it shows they're already installed and won't let me uninstall or re-install them... I'm guessing some file stub got backed up but not the entire app, so I'm going to have to use Root Explorer and track it down.. Final list of un-restored apps was Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, Twitter, PayPal Here, Square Register, Ebay, Vine, LinkedIn, Spotify, Smart Audiobook Player, Pixlr, Netflix, IMDB, Android Wear (but it installed all of the other Android wear related apps), Dropbox, Countdown Widget and Rain Alarm. Still a heck of a lot less work (and bandwidth) than everything - now to get TB and my other favorite root apps installed and working...
  13. Force a full Google backup?

    Got it rooted, Helium did a mediocre job - it didn't restore Facebook, Facebook Messenger, some of my widgets and other apps... But I'm rooted and don't have to spend hours putting everything back, so I'll call it a victory. Thanks for the feedback and advice!
  14. Force a full Google backup?

    I bought and tried Helium Pro today and installed the PC application so I could back up to my computer - I started with the Chrome browser on my PC and it started downloading a backup file - it got to 457 MB and then stopped downloading and just sat there for many minutes before I gave up and tried again - same result - 457 MB and it hangs.... Tried a 3rd time in Internet Explorer and got the same thing, but it hung at 455 MB instead. Going to try again and back up to internal storage and then copy the file to the PC - hopefully that works... a backup program that can't create a reliable backup isn't worth keeping...
  15. Force a full Google backup?

    I have Titanium Backup - my Note 3 was rooted and on Jellybean until about a month ago - I unrooted and did the official USCC upgrade to Lolipop, so it should have had time to back up more than one app. It would help a lot if the Google Play Store allowed filters, like "Show only apps I own that are compatible with this device" so I don't have to dig through all the apps for my Android TV box, the apps for my old Google TV box, the tablet specific apps for my old Xoom, etc. I'd even be happy with a "Show only apps I paid for" to make it easier to find though - they shouldn't make it such an ordeal to recover from nothing - that's the main reason I don't play around with custom ROMs and such any more - I got tired of having to re-install everything every time... Without Titanium Backup or some other 3rd party tool (most of which require Root), they make it too difficult.