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  1. Galaxy S3 pulled off shelves today

    Mine is too. Too bad I sold mine in August when I switched to Verizon. Maybe my little sister will have her number on the list now as well.
  2. Has anyone received their bill yet?

    I finally show a balance due on the "my account" page, but I can't actually see the bill yet. Due date is 9/5, almost 8 weeks since my last bill as due.
  3. Has anyone received their bill yet?

    I usually get my bill on the 22nd and autopay pays it on the 12th of the following month. I never got a July bill, and now it's the 25th of August and I haven't gotten a August bill either.
  4. My days are numbered

    If they took out the tower in Stokes, you're definitely in trouble. I'm near Washington and we have several towers but I still cannot get a decent signal at home. I will tell you verizon doesn't have a very good signal along 264 near pactolus either.
  5. My days are numbered

    I'm glad it's not just me. I'm just down the road from you and I agree, service has gone to hell here lately. I've ported my line to Verizon already and my wife will be joining as soon as we can find here a "electrify m size" device that she likes. For all the good reviews about the electrify m here as far as signal goes, the razr m is horrible. It's weird, somehow Verizon manages to actually transfer data over LTE when you only have 2 or 3 bars. Something USCC couldn't do.
  6. Has Anyone got caught tethering?

    Nope, for a while I tethered a ton, too. I lived in the middle of nowhere, where we could only have dial-up internet. After 3G was turned on in my area, my wife and I both would use our Delve's as modems any time we would us the computer. Never heard a word out of it. This was probably. 4-5 years ago.
  7. Another line one the same plan, right? Just not a separate account.
  8. Does the 120 day part apply to transfers to other accounts? Or was the whole 120 day thing BS?
  9. I appreciate the real answers. Can you answer the question from my last post?
  10. OK, thanks. What about from one account to another? I hadn't heard that before either. Sometime i think some people are just making things up as they go.
  11. Which part is that? The requirement to activate it on line 3 first, of the 120 days on the same account part?
  12. I stopped by my local store for another opinion since i have already gotten 2 different answers from USCC. He told me the same thing the first person did, that the phone would have to be activated on the 3rd line first, but he said it had to be on there for 120 days before it could be switched. I asked him to clarify what he just said, he said sorry, he meant 120 days on an account. I asked him how all these brand new S4's end up on ebay when the phone hasn't even been out 120 days yet. I'd love to get a straight answer from just one person.
  13. Can you explain what that means? If I cancel the 3rd line, then the phone will be blacklisted? I ordered the phone on 8/1, so there should be no contract.
  14. Just wanted to follow up with some more info, and another question. I went ahead and ordered an S4 with the 3rd lines(dumb phone) upgrade. The phone has come in now, but hasn't been activated. I was going to wait until the 14th to give the S4 to my wife for her birthday. I called (Friday night) to cancel the 3rd line (in-laws just sold their house here) but they said I couldn't cancel the 3rd line since that's the line I used the upgrade on. They said that phone has to be activated on that number for at least 40 minutes. Otherwise, if I cancelled the line, that phone would have problems being activated at a later time. Is that a line of BS just to keep me from cancelling? I told her I would wait until Wednesday to cancel the 3rd line once i activated the S4 on the 2nd (wife's) line. I decided I would call ahead this morning and do their stupid little activation dance with the S4 on the 3rd line, so I wouldn't have to deal with it once i give the S4 to my wife on Wednesday. I explained what I was trying to do to the CSR this morning, and he said I didn't have to do any of that. I could just wait until Wednesday and turn it on then. Who's telling me the truth here? This is getting annoying.
  15. Has anyone received their bill yet?

    I believe it gets paid on the due date which is the 12th of each month. Currently, my account balance is $0.