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  1. Galaxy S3 Making Home Internet Slow?

    On my router there is no options for bandwidth on the Wireless settings. Also, the channel for 2.4 GHz was set on Auto. I changed it to 10 though. I also closed my open ports on the router, as i really wasn't using the server that they were for recently anyways. I have been using it connected to wireless while using my computer, and it seems be better right now. However I just did a speed test, and im still getting high ping when its connected, and slower download speeds, upload is normal. Got: 112 ms for Ping, 1.62 Mbps for download, and 0.41 Mbps for upload....
  2. Galaxy S3 Making Home Internet Slow?

    The norm for my internet is usually between 4-5 Mbps. And it is DSL. And those tests I did were taken from my laptop, not the S3. And no, i haven't setup my Google Music on this device yet, nor do i have it download to it. The only thing would be Spotify, but the playlist i had set to download is already downloaded. And it never notifies of any syncing in the status bar, however I did go into the settings and check. I did remember the Drop Box was on, so I turned that off to see if that would make any difference. If its any help my Router is a brand new-ish (couple months old) Netgear M600. And I have done factory resets on it plenty of times to attempt to fix other internet related issues (our ISP is pretty crappy recently...)
  3. Whenever I have my Galaxy S3 connected to my home wifi, I notice, while using computers on the network, that my internet slows way down. Even though the phone is just sitting there like it normally would be. I conducted some tests using to show you what I mean. These are legit and i typed exactly what i got for the result. I did three tests with my GS3 connected to my network, and three with the wifi turned off on my GS3. FYI, around 4-5 Mbps for download is the norm for my network. And under 1 Mbps for upload is also normal too. With Galaxy S3 Connected to Home Network: Test 1: Ping: 475 ms | Download: 1.39 Mbps | Upload: 0.10 Mbps Test 2: Ping: 915 ms | Download: 0.33 Mbps | Upload: 0.10 Mbps Test 3: Ping: 981 ms | Download: 0.37 Mbps | Upload: 0.26 Mbps With Galaxy S3 Wifi Turned Off Test 1: Ping: 30 ms | Download: 4.55 Mbps | Upload: 0.43 Mbps Test 2: Ping: 30 ms | Download: 4.55 Mbps | Upload: 0.43 Mbps Test 3: Ping: 30 ms | Download: 4.59 Mbps | Upload: 0.20 Mbps There, as you can notice with my phone connected to my network, horrid speeds and Ping results super high and scattered all over the place, with it turned off the results are pretty steady, and i get my normal 30 ms for Ping every time. What would cause this on my phone. My Galaxy S3 is rooted and has the Wizenhiemer Jelly Bean Rom based off the stock Samsung Touch Wiz. Thanks for looking.
  4. Apple iPhone 5 and a Christmas Surprise

    darn. I was hoping that the iPhone would never come to USCC.
  5. [ARCHIVED SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10

    Trying to install. Just getting an (Status 7) Installation Aborted Not sure why...
  6. [ARCHIVED SUPPORT] CyanogenMod 10

    So, does 4G work in this ROM? I keep seeing screenshots were they only show 3G... I live in an area with pretty good 4G, and really dont want to loose that...
  7. Yeah, i just noticed that.... there is no USCC bloatware on this thing. Just some Samsung apps, but i mean, having 32GB of storage, that's fine. And there is an option for updating and checking for software updates in the 'About Phone' of the settings!
  8. The thing is, its only on a certain computer that it won't. If i plug my phone into my laptop it mounts fine. But the weird thing is, is when i first got the phone, i plugged it into my desktop and it mounted fine and i was able to transfer stuff over to it. Now whenever i plug it in, and have it on Media Device (MTP) it just shows up as a device but with no options. If i mount it as Camera (PTP) it will show up and i can browse all the files, but then i can't copy over any files, etc. Is this just my computer or what? But it worked fine earlier? Doesn't make any sense...
  9. BravoC users: ICS is upon us.

    Okay. What gives here? I am trying to install an app, etc, etc.. But it stops and tells me it is out of space. I am using m2sd and it is all working, as the storage reads a large ammount of space open. What gives? Screenshots below!
  10. BravoC users: ICS is upon us.

    Although I kept using it and I had to restart once to apply a fix to Google Music, and since then all apps and the system have seem to be running fine. It lags once and a while, but overall works pretty good now. One problem is now, i ran out of app space already, even though i have M2SD on and such, they dont seem to be going to the SD-EXT partition. I am afraid to mess with that though, as i feel it could make all the apps laggy again..
  11. BravoC users: ICS is upon us.

    I dont get it then. Most of the whole OS runes fine, just when i go to use Apps it lags and takes forever to launch or do anything...
  12. BravoC users: ICS is upon us.

    Is anyone else having an issue with it running apps extremely slow. It works fine otherwise... Sent from my HTC Desire CDMA using Tapatalk
  13. And yes, i can get to cwm still. And that would be awesome if you could! Thank you much!
  14. It was on. For some reason i thought it needed to be on for this, never thought to give it a try with it off... ill have to check next time.
  15. Yeah. I have HTC sync downloaded and then removed. It's not my phone also. Mine works fine. My friend sorta damaged his phone and now needs it stock. And I've tried on other PCs, and it does the same thing, device not recognized. However the phone will still charge like normal... Sent from my CDMA HTC Desire using Tapatalk