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  1. 4.4 Update Part Deux?

    I laugh at your puniness and call out to you, silly walking antler-head, with my thumb to my nose and my bottom pointed in your general direction. And then I fart at you.
  2. 4.4 Update Part Deux?

    Darwin Awards = Dumbass award for dropping note 3 results on an s4 thread.
  3. 4.4 Update Part Deux?

    Since I updated the previous nae for the S4, my 4g and wifi have been sh*t. Battery life is meh, maybe 12 hours if I use it sparingly. Interested to see this new update though. And the Darwin Award goes to Moose. For being a moose.
  4. 4.4 Update Part Deux?

    from what I understand nae had lots of issues. the techs at uscc said that they have been working with sammy to get fixed firmware out asap. issues included loss of wifi and 4g connectivity intermittently, battery life issues, app crashes, that sort of thing. the new firmware hasn't hit kies yet that I know of.
  5. [Support] S4 - 4.3 Custom MK2

    Very nice work. :-) A few odds and ends I've noticed (that may or may not have already been touched on) if so, I apologize for being repetitious: 1) Battery displays standard battery icon during low/very low battery levels instead of 1% number readout. 2) Lots of hangups with TiBu. not sure whats going on there. 3) Root seems wonky at times. i.e. mobile odin can not find SU at the moment, although it's obviously there. 4) Sometimes standard messaging app is not replaced when choosing aosp mms app. 5) There are missing toggle assets for the darkchrome thingy (unimportant) 6) version number is wrong in installer (I think) 7) Wifi does not work even when already using MK2 bootloader (using droidroidz 4.2 kernel atm, fixed, but nasty message on bootscreen) Sometime wiping withing the aroma installer does not wipe properly 9) kitkat email does not replace samsung email when kitkat email is selected. Like I said, nothing major, just some notes. This is my daily now, so yeah. Good stuff. I may tool around with it a bit. I'll send you anything I change if you want to add it later.
  6. S4 MK2 (4.3 v2) Update - What is new!?

    Where do you get your info from, because if you odin back to stock before updating, your fine. If you trip the KNOX 0x1, its only breaks KNOX, you can still do updates...*sigh* And you wonder why I call you a tool.
  7. Phonebloks (It's that cool...)

    yeah, interesting that the project is at 100% with 44 days left...consumers will speak, manufacturers will listen. You can't really compare pc's to mobile devices. Reverse nerdism or not, with the inclusion of customization on such a level and consumer interest, I am standing that many manufacturers will indeed jump on the wagon, as this goes beyond phone manufacturers.. AFAIK, samsung is the ONLY manufacturer that makes it's own components. Everyone else outsources. This project expands the market to allow component manufacturers to showcase their products without contractual obligation to any one company. This in itself is enough to almost guarantee the success of such a device. You guys preach greed, greed, greed as if it only exists on the highest levels. Everyone will be able to dip their fingers into a very competitive marketplace that allows for multiple brands to be introduced to consumers on a never before available level. Smaller companies will now be able to directly offer their products to consumers en masse. Dumbest bunch of smart people I've ever seen.
  8. Phonebloks (It's that cool...)

    Go choke on an iPhone.
  9. Remove WiFi Hotspot Blocker

    Woooooow...10 months later....rofl! Does the external link from the new guy in Pakistan bother only me?
  10. Probably the most innovative concept in cell design I've seen yet. Enjoy the presentation. Make it happen.
  11. Kyocera Hydro XTRM

    Interesting. this may actually be an option for my mom. She's hell on anything electronic.
  12. [SUPPORT] PAC-Man

    just my two cents, but it appears that you are trying to use use exchange, correct? try swapping that apk out with one from a previous version. and try using it's free and easy to use to share large text files.