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  1. CCA LTE agreement

    Yeah I'm wondering too ?
  2. prepaid unlimited plan

    Yeah it definitely does not exist anymore which is rather unfortunate considering it provided completely unthrottled roaming capability which was awesome for a short period of time now he uses that and after 3.7 GB has his data shut off completely not even 1x his data is shut off he has since switched to T-Mobile and they broke up. The end.
  3. Spoken from the words of numerous customer service reps/tech reps in tier one and tier 2 no one is going to lose their unlimited data UNLESS they changed to a NEW price plan. You can still fully upgrade at subsidized cost maintain your plan resign contracts ETC all with unlimited data listed on those contracts. This seems noteworthy as so many around the forums have asked ! The reason behind this discovery was we've been waiting on LTE in the area for almost 2 years no dice bought a phone to tether with unlimited no dice. Wound up with VZW UDP plan in a hotspot. Now they may be throttling even though we managed to sneak our way back into a contract till 2016 which makes you exempt from throttling thank god !! Still we want to give USCC LTE a chance ! So we don't want to ditch the unlimited NO ONE ditch unlimited. Put the line into a six month seasonal suspend and confirmed 3 times with three different departments that if done once resume everything would remain in tact and that was a resounding yes as well as no one is going to lose their unlimited come the end of that "2 year contract" that some people signed some people didn't ?! TETHER AWAY !!!!!!!!
  4. Sounds to me as an agent like hell.
  5. Plan Advice

    There was never any sharing of the 5gb plans the billing system simply couldn't even handle such a thing believe me. So that's a straight up lie. Keep your plan. Everyone is getting pushed onto shared data Oh and a little side note as of late SD upgrades vs BP upgrades pay out a WHOLE lot better. The end. KEEP YOUR PLAN.
  6. prepaid unlimited plan

    Yeah my Co workers boyfriend got it who lives in Florida around December when it came out used it for 2 months roaming totally unthrottled used like 15 Gigs a day everyday til the tops update
  7. Lol they certainly don't have their prices in line with a budget anything. That said I don't think these degradations in service are anything long term (have noticed them too quite a bit here in nh where uscc used to be KING still is superior in many ways but I do see that 1x and triangle way too much for my liking) they are completely re working the towers everywhere absolutely everywhere much of it involves cannibalizing the cellular network for lte expansion for iPhone and areas lacking King Street coverage as well as bringing lte roaming and volte (confirmed) so if I were to guess it would be that uscc is temporarily offloading voice and data (in weaker areas) onto verizons 1x while they rework their own spectrum doing a star 228 fairly regularly these days is not a bad idea even if you have an lte device that shouldn't need to manually call. Perhaps offloading onto 1x as opposed to 3g is cheaper. I am noticing though that if I toggle my data usccs network IS there but it's as if the prl has the phone preferring Verizon 1x which is flaky. Just my thoughts.
  8. Beginning July 30, a trial in select markets will examine the impact of removing the option for subsidy transactions on Legacy, Belief, and Belief Plan Evolved (BPE) price plans. The goal is to drive Retail Installment pricing to increase upgrade adoption for customers wishing to remain on Legacy, Belief, and BPE plans, while also increasing migration to Shared Connect for existing customers intrigued by the Retail Installment pricing option. Trial Markets: Ashville, NC Mendocino, CA Bangor, ME Dates: July 30 – October 10 Details: Eliminate Subsidy in Select Trial Markets Customers who wish to stay on a Legacy, Belief, or BPE plan and want to upgrade their device will only have the option of selecting Retail Installment pricing or paying outright for the device. Shared Connect plans will allow customers to take subsidy equipment or a customer can receive a discounted connection charge with a Retail Installment Contract Associates can communicate the benefits of moving to our 4 lines for $140 pricing on Shared Connect (COE) Customers who wish to purchase a device at a subsidized price will be required to migrate to a Shared Connect plan. At this time, the top 60 plans that most customers are on, are included in the trial. We are in the process of adding all plans to the trial. See appendix for a list of eligible plans. The times they are a chagin'
  9. So official word has it that come the end of the month customers will now have the option of financing devices without switching to shared data or any current offering. So if you've been hesitating financing that ipad because you couldn't justify switching to share your wallet plans come the 30th that will no longer pose a problem.
  10. Why keep 'Wally World' as a partner?

    Walfart Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  11. Future LTE roaming?

    Well today version 3.0 of our enterprise software was implemented. One of the notable gratis this update beings LTE roaming. This element will not take effect immediately but is touted to deploy later in the summer. Thought I'd share. Though this doesn't help with the capping issue immediately I think it will ultimately allow/force usccs hand towards increasing caps. Both monetarily it will become much more doable and I suppose one could hope that with lte roaming the throttle will revert to 3g not 1x speed and connection as I would assume it would jump from sprint to Verizon for data thus possibly two different roaming agreements. Who knows but somethings gotta give there is no way to remain remotely competitive in today's world with roaming caps like they currently are. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  12. Tops version 3.0 LTE

    Well today version 3.0 of our enterprise software was implemented. One of the notable gratis this update beings LTE roaming. This element will not take effect immediately but is touted to deploy later in the summer. Thought I'd share. Sent from my SCH-R970 using Tapatalk
  13. Why keep 'Wally World' as a partner?

    I agree on a number of levels we should not remain partners with Wal-Mart as you would not believe the amount of confusion and messes that must be cleaned up as a result of Wal-Mart employees incorrectly creating accounts etc then when there is a problem sending them to us. The national retailers like Sams and Walmart use an even different system then agents use and if it were my guess they simply haven't gotten around to completing the software implementation for national re sellers as they are still diligently working on TOPS for USCC employees to use. In fact today brings a major change in the system so work is constantly being done. My one and only reason for thinking USCC in Wal-Mart is a good idea is that it adds some brand recognition as USCC seems to spend zilch on advertisements in this neck of the woods so it's all word of mouth. This is the only positive I can see coming from them remaining partnership but yet again they constantly undercut us in prices and offer a poorly supported version of our prepaid service called U-prepaid basically they sell the equipment to the customer then throw them to the wind. Not the best set up.
  14. LTE Roaming

    I'll have a date on the 3.0 release shortly. I just saw something come in about it but the page is not accesible currently and yes I would bank it will coincide with the sprint hub. With Release 2.0 (they are referring to AM DOCS software TOPS we use) they introduced roaming throttling etc. There was a period there where the $50 dollar a month plan was truly unlimited even WHILE roaming. I know someone who used 10 gigs a day everyday for weeks before release 2.0 put a stop to it. Obviously that's a bit abusive but I will post as more comes around.
  15. LTE Roaming

    I know but j honestly cannot forses them keeping it at 250 for too much longer especially given that they make a point of noting they will be monetizing once again with lucrative 4g lte international roaming agreements and moving the traffic oF EVDO which is overloaded on every network and obviously must be expensive route through it. And if i remember correctly uscc lost out on long standing lucrative roaming agreements which coincided with their implementation of the 250 cap 250 on lte is crazy just crazy no one will stqnd for that honestly as a customer I would be more irritated by the fact that I just took a trip and used up my roaming cat in an extremely short. Of time due to having access to roaming 4G service and then being throttled to 1x it'sthat much more of a drastic change that customers will see quite rapidly once it is deployed. And in all honesty I don't for see very many people putting up with that for very long service cost too much money these days to be capped that low for the amount of money that we pay every month. Something has got to give as customers complain and uscc gets its feet planted solidly again I think with increased revenue we will see increasingly larger buckets of data to be used while traveling. All that said we can only hope but I have faith.