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  1. On a side note I would like to say that when I did go to Lollipop on this device from kit kat I did lose stuff on my internal memory and SD card in the process but mainly because I didn't back it up outside the phone. I don't know why but both had to be reformatted because of corruption of the data. I was thinking that maybe it had something to do with the transition from Dalvik to ART. Anyone else have this issue?
  2. So the last 3 at the bottom are Lollipop right? I didn't realize they had released other versions of it. I remember trying the first version they released and it was awful. It was a bear too trying to revert back to kit kat which is what I am on currently. NG5 is the build I believe and it still works decent to this day
  3. Hey Stanley. Most of the devices that regulate the power output have protection built in to prevent it from blowing up in your face but when you get into the mechanical stuff it can be a risk. No starter kit is going to be anywhere near that. The pen style kits are a good place to start as they are less expensive and can give an idea whether or not vaping will work. Everyone is different and some people I know that smoke just can't take to it. If you have a vape shop in your local area stop in and see what they have available. As far as starter stuff goes, I don't really think it is too critical what brand of hardware you get. The tank however is important. There are a lot of plastic tanks out there and they usually come with a starter kit and should be avoided. My first and last experience with a plastic tank was with my first starter kit and I will never make that mistake again. If you get a starter kit, you will probably want to get a nice metal and glass tank to go with it as they typically don't come with. I don't really know what's good now on a base level but I used kanger tanks for a while and they were very reliable. As far as coils go keep the ohms low. The lower the ohms the better. When I started out, a typical basic coil would range from 3 to 1.5 ohms and the lower number always would work better. The low end vape hardware can and will be problematic at times but it is definitely a good place to start. If your friend likes the vaping experience I would recommend at that point maybe investing in some better hardware because it is worth it in the long run.
  4. It is all about convenience when you are out and about and is exactly why I don't use a dripper because I am always on the go and don't have time to deal with it. Try that tank out and let us know what it does for you. It might be just what you need for on the go. If I remember correctly your nicotine level is low AJ so you can crank the power up on that tank and get a good flavorful hit off of it. Yeah show that mod. So it has the DNA 200? Man that is a powerful mod. My old Hana box mod has the DNA 30 which is nothing compared to the 200. 30 watts versus 200 watts is a big difference though. It must be a battery drainer if you use it at that high of power.
  5. Yes. I have the ehpro big Buddha which is a huge rebuildable atomizer tank that holds 10ml of juice. It is nice but it does leak from the air holes sometimes so I don't use it much. In your case AJ I would say that if you are used to drippers, you won't get much satisfaction from a rebuildable tank. Tanks just don't hit like a dripper does so you might be disappointed. I don't know about the Griffin though. It could be a nice one. At $30 it might be worth trying as it does have some good reviews. A dripper just hammers when you hit it where a tank atomizer is usually a lot more subtle of a hit so there is a chance you might not like it if you are used to the hit a dripper gives.
  6. On a side note. Now that I have had some time with the Uwell Crown tank I still think it hits good but it does leak a bit. It leaks juice out of the air holes sometimes. I thought maybe it was because I filled it too much but even filling it half way it will leak from the air holes. I am going to try cleaning it up when I fill it to see if that makes it better. With the aspire Atlantis I usually run a cotton swab down the chimney of the tank as well as the mouthpiece when I fill it because juice does build up there and you can get it in your mouth. I will try this with the crown to see if the leaking gets better. It's not a deal breaker but I will say that the Atlantis does not leak like this even if I neglect it which is nice when you are using it on the go at work and such.
  7. Any luck on that evic yet? I just bought a Uwell Crown tank and this thing is awesome for a sub ohm tank. Much better than the Atlantis thus far. It runs . 25ohm dual coils and the airflow is amazing. They also make coils for it which you can use temp control. This thing could hit like a dripper if you wanted it to. Very nice tank
  8. Man they are really taking their time on that. Hopefully it will come soon. It must be coming from China directly to take so long. And it is Christmas time so shipping is slowed because of the holiday. Anyway I hope it is good for you when you get it.
  9. Yes the vaping experience as a means to kick the habit of smoking seems to work well not just for myself but many people I know. With vaping, weaning yourself off nicotine can be very gradual depending on where you get your vape juices as opposed to say three steps of nicotine patches. You should be able to drop the level by 1 or 2 mg at a time and that really does work quite well. With a more abrupt drop in level you are more prone to relapse and start smoking again with common things like daily stressors occurring. Harm reduction is the key and I believe you are right for promoting vaping because it can and does work.
  10. Cool. You are really going to have a much better vaping experience with your new mod. My first mod was the pen style with voltage adjustment and it was miles behind where I am now. It's a good place to start to get a feel for vaping but nowhere near as satisfying as a good mod.
  11. Congrats on the purchase. Yeah that is normal with the cost locally versus online. If you're willing to wait it can be worth buying online when you can to save money so long as you know what you are getting. That unit you ordered looks like it will be a good one for a sub ohm tank and has more then enough power to suit your needs. Keep in mind you are still going to need to get a battery for that unit as well unless you ordered it with one. It is a passthrough mod which means you don't need a separate charger and you can charge the battery while you use it which is nice. As far as sub ohm tanks go, I haven't tried any other than my Aspire Atlantis v1 because I like it that much. And I can get new coils for it at my buddies vape shop. It's a pretty basic unit. Runs . 5 and . 3 ohm coils. Airflow is great on it. The version 2 Atlantis is quite similar with the exception of an extra breather on the mouth piece to keep it cool. Both run the same coils. The only drawback to both of them is the tank is small (2.5 ml capacity I believe) but both have a bigger glass upgrade to 5ml.
  12. I looked at that I stick on vapordna's website and it looks like a nice mod. And it comes with a sub ohm tank too which is great. A guy I work with just got one not too long ago and I believe he is pleased with it. It doesn't look like it comes with a battery though but that's not bad because an 18650 is a fairly common and cheap battery. Depending on how you vape you might find that particular unit going dead on you before the end of the day, but I wouldn't consider that a deal breaker. If this was the case all you would have to do is maybe get a second battery and alternate between them. I think the battery cover is magnetic so it wouldn't be difficult to swap if it is needed. I had this issue with my old two mods which is why I had two of them. I would swap one out for the other when the first one went dead and this would happen daily and they both had one 18650 battery. The Smok xpro M80 that I am currently using has two 18650s built in and thus far it always lasts all day for me. I usually unplug it from the charger at around 5:30 in the morning and when I plug it in before I go to bed which is around midnight it most of the time still has around 50% battery left. It is still somewhat new though as I bought it early November I think and eventually the lifespan of the batteries will diminish.
  13. Yeah the evic is probably a good choice for you. Kanger makes some good tanks and I primarily used them until I got the aspire Atlantis. The Atlantis is more costly though because I had to get the glass extension for it and the coils cost more than the kanger does. When you get coils for your tank you should get lower ohm coils. In my experience the lower the ohms the better it tastes. The lower the ohms are the hotter the coil fires because there is less resistance. I use sub ohm coils which are less than 1ohm. The coils that are higher than that can work okay but they are prone to getting gunked up and the airflow will feel restricted when they do this. Sometimes a higher ohm coil can get flooded as well which can cause you to get some juice in your mouth which is not pleasant so try to go with a sub ohm if you can and make sure that evic can handle sub ohm coils. The nicotine makes the juice harsh to hit so as your nic level goes down it will taste better and you can turn the power up and get better hits off your vape.
  14. Being a busy individual I usually lean towards mods that are easier to deal with. Some mods you have to take the batteries out to charge them but I like ones you just plug in to charge and even use it while it is charging. I currently use the Smok M80 plus xpro which has been awesome thus far. The only thing I don't like about it is the batteries are built in which could be a problem in time because they can wear out before the mod actually does but overall it is a fairly effortless mod. The higher the output of power, the quicker the unit will need to be charged and unless you are looking to produce massive vape clouds you don't necessarily need a really powerful device. What I look for is a mod that can last through the course of a day without needing to be charged. My current setup of the Smok M80 with an Aspire Atlantis v1 tank with .3 ohm coils works great and keeps me from smoking cigs. What is your reason for vaping? Are you trying to quit smoking or is it just a hobby? Vaping can be one or the other or both at the same time. To me vaping is a means to quit smoking and it is working quite well because it's not just about the nicotine addiction. It is also about the physical things you do when you smoke which may seem miniscule but is every bit a part of it and probably the reason why other methods to quit smoking may not work because they just curb the nicotine addiction. As a former two pack a day smoker I don't crave cigarettes anymore and can even go for a long time without vaping but I still enjoy the physical actions of vaping as it mimics smoking a cigarette if that makes sense. I apologize for the mind spew as some of it doesn't relate to what you asked but as far as mods go they are all quite similar. It really just depends on how easy it is to use and what kind of power output you are looking for
  15. Not a bad price for 120 ml. I usually buy the 120s. This xpro M80 is very cool so far. Lasts all day without charging. Took it off the charger at 5:30 this morning and I still have 55% battery life @ 10:52 pm. My old mods wouldn't last half the day without needing a charge with the sub ohm tank. I am using more juice now but that is okay. Will definitely check out that juice seller. Loving the max VG but there isn't much to choose from locally. My buddy's wife worked at a local vape shop but she didn't vape because of the PG in the juices was too irritating to her, and after researching it makes sense. Polyethylene glycol has some strange uses ranging from de icing plane wings to being used in foods to retain moisture, but it is deemed safe for human consumption. Although there is no data on what it does to us when we inhale it the FDA does say it can cause irritation in some people. I'm not too worried about it being an issue but it makes more sense to me to lean towards juices with less or none of it at all in them.