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  1. Question about leaving US Cellular

    So I'm having to leave US Cellular due to signal issues at my residence. As it stands I've got to pay $600 between my two lines to get both phones paid off to leave. Just wondering if it's possible to use the early upgrade to upgrade to the cheapest phone possible and then just pay it off. Pretty sure I saw they had one for $150 retail. Which that would save me roughly $300. Is this possible?
  2. Can I switch my plan?

    I'm on one of the old belief plans. 1500 mins and 5 gigs of data per line. I have 4 lines total and the bill usually runs $300-$315. Is there any way to get the $10 charge instead of $40 on shared data plans with existing phones? Our phones are fairly new. Financing new phones would just make my bill about the same. My contract runs out in November so I don't know if there is some way to switch before then. Do all lines have to be eligible or can just one be to change plans. Sorry about all the questions, but appreciate any help.
  3. What Launcher

    Just want to post that the paid version of adw launcher has been causing my moto m to go into constant reboot. My girlfriend is using the free version and has had no problems so far.