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  1. i just get a "unfortunately, the process has stopped"
  3. Your recovery your using? cwm. idk how to flash a new one
  4. [10/30/2013]IceCold ROM RLS1!!

    this rom pisses me off. it shuts off my phone alot.
  5. [ROM] ReVolt ROM

    nice looking rom, looking for a "add to spam" settings on the sms side.
  6. How do I unflash my phone back to stock?

    i'll try that thanks how much do you think the galaxy s4 is worth? has one little knick in the bottom right corner that's it
  7. I flashed it to page plus how do i flash back to stock
  8. why is rom support so minimal?

    Surely i am not a ...i do this for a living so stop it. ohhh and by the way I also work witht he mentally challenged so that was pretty harsh bro.