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  1. SlimLP Alpha Build "JFLTEUSC"

    Only problem I have is horrible battery life. Needs more features, but I know that's to come.
  2. KK LTE Issues

    Well it dropped this morning. Still had cell service but disconnected from data. Lasted longer this time.
  3. KK LTE Issues

    Odin'd stock NF6 and did all the resets. Bootloader and baseband are now on the same version. Will wait to see what happens. Signal seems a little better than before.
  4. KK LTE Issues

    Maybe updating the bootloader with the radio may fix this. I'll give it a try tonight.
  5. KK LTE Issues

    I'm on ND1 as far as radio goes. But in nameless it has that device control...it says baseband ND1 but bootloader MK2. Is that right? Custom ROMs don't change the bootloader or radio right?
  6. KK LTE Issues

    May have to. Sucks cause I just got this one set up the way I like it. Lol. Doing a nandroid of this and Odin stock then restore nandroid wouldn't work would it? Would that just bring me back to where I am? Which stock should I go back to? NF6?
  7. KK LTE Issues

    I have not odined stock or factory reset in the ROM. Has always been in recovery.
  8. KK LTE Issues

    Not basing it on the icon. It may shoe LTE but nothing works calls,text, data. I have checked the db and it will show a 7-10 digit db level but asu is normal. I know the db is like 70-120ish. This will be like 243708653db. Reboot and its fixed.
  9. KK LTE Issues

    Also it will not reconnect to LTE after being on 3G all day without a reboot. Airplane mode doesn't do much either. Never really shuts off the radio.
  10. KK LTE Issues

    It seems if I hit an area of low signal where it would drop to roaming or down to 3G it would loose the signal completely with no notification. Still showed the LTE and signal bars. No calls or texts or data work without reboot. Staying on 3G it works fine. This phone has been on custom roms since i bought it. Started thinking that the modem was outdated and needed updating. But up to ND1 no change. I changed roms to make sure it wasnt rom related.
  11. KK LTE Issues

    I know its LTE related. Switched to 3G only no issues. Tried the different modems and full wipes trying different versions of Slim. Seemed to start after Slim 8.12. Last night clean flashed nameless and LTE lasted about 10 hours before dropping. Google search show a lot of people having issues on multiple carriers. Currently on nameless 12-15 with ND1 modem. Started with MK2.
  12. KK LTE Issues

    Been having problems with keeping LTE on my S4. I know this is a known problem. I have updated the modems to ND1, NF6 fails for some reason, and even changed Roms(been on slim and changed to nameless). Has this been fixed or is it a wait for LP thing? I'm a little OCD about my phone so its driving me crazy, plus LTE just got to my area and I cant use it. Appreciate any help.
  13. NK1 question

    Did this get uploaded yet?
  14. NK1 question

    I really just want the modem out of it to see if it fixes my LTE issues.
  15. NK1 question

    Sammobile has the DL for the s4. Nk1.