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  1. LG V20

    I got my V20 a week or so ago. came from a Samsung S6. Biggest selling point was the battery and memory. I use to enjoy rooting years ago, but now?? Meh. I run Nova Launcher and that does enough to allow me to configure the UI the way IU want. I was unsure at first of going with such a large phone being its a PITA to carry in a pocket, but the size it definitely growing on me.
  2. Reactivation Lock Help

    So OEM Unlocking does in fact equal Reactivation Lock. Had read conflicting info from a couple of other threads elsewhere....
  3. So I was looking at rooting my 5.1.1 S6 and on the instructions I was going to use it states to make sure to disable the Reactivation Lock. Well I do not have the option to disable it listed under Lock screen and security > Find My Mobile like the instruction state. Where is this setting hidden? Thanks.
  4. Android lollipop coming to moto x

    Liking 5.1 so far. Only issue I ran into was with the Moto app crashing as soon as I tried to launch it. I ended up having to clear all app data and that seemed to take care of the issue. Running to this point (Day 2).
  5. 4.4.2 is being pushed

    So who confirmed the the US Cellular Moto X is getting 4.4.2? I went to the Motorola site and the latest software for the US Cellular version is still the 143.44.2 (Android 4.4).,6720,8696
  6. Kit Kit 4.4 Roll Out Today

    Mine is still telling me I am up to date with 4.2.2. UPDATE: No sooner did I post no update did I get my notification. LOL!!
  7. Kitkat 4.4

    You know you can get Hangouts from the Play store right? To stay on topic my co-worker who has the Moto X on ATT got 4.4 a few days ago.
  8. Early Upgrades!

    I'm in the same boat. Whatever.....
  9. Hmm. Not seeing it at the Google Play store.
  10. Moto X Phone - August 26!

    What?? No thanks.
  11. [ROM] MIUI v2.6.15 (6/19/12)

    What device version did you download and install? I went to the MIUI site and did not find a ROM for the SCH-R760.
  12. Is this flashed via CWM then? Anyway to get an ODIN version?
  13. Quick Info Update

    +1 If my kids demand I pay for their smart phone they have another thing coming. They can pay for their own just like I did when I got my first phone.
  14. This is the same boat I am in. Ugh...:-(
  15. Upgrade Accelerator Changes! [UPDATED: 5:30 PM]

    Wow the suck-o-meter just keeps heading toward the MAX level with US Cellular. UGH!!! :-( My "contract" is up next month and I was considering jumping ship, but hell all the cell carriers seem to suck now.