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  1. Tapatalk issues

    Not having any issues on my phone or tablet with TT4.
  2. Well now I feel like a fool. I have messed with this off and on for a couple of days, and after reading my post I realized what I was doing wrong. Ended up installing the drivers and enabling fastboot. RUU recognized phone and install went without a hitch. Sorry for the posts. By the way, I was able to find everything I needed from here in the downloads section if this happens to anybody else. Please lock or delete if you so desire.
  3. I know there are a couple of other discussions that have the same title, but I can't find another having the same issue as me. I know the boat has long sailed on this device, but I am trying to return my retired desire to stock so that I can activate it for my nephew to use until he gets a new phone. So my desire has been rooted and I have been running the latest version of Oxygen forever. If I recall it was 2.3.2s6?? Anyways since I wasn't reactivating it on my line, I was going to have to go into programming and manually change my MIN and MDN settings per USCC. Since I was on O2 I was unable to access the programming menu. Played it off to them as me just messing it up. Rebooted the phone into CWM, ran nandroid, had cMTD installed, ran remove cMTD 1.5.8, wiped everything, rebooted, found a version of stock 2.2 for bravoc on xda, flashed it and now I keep getting stuck on the boot screen. Had I paid attention, I would have looked here and found the RUU that is posted in the downloads section. When I am at the bootloader screen my computer recognizes USB in HBOOT and FASTBOOT menu. However, RUU won't recognize phone. Only thing that I haven't done is install the HTC drivers. Would this make a difference? I'm not hard bricked as I can do a battery pull, and boot into bootloader & recovery still. I have tried to restore nandroid, and do a fresh install of O2 without any success. I have done the requisite wipes between each rom change and as well as when removing cMTD. It has honestly been so long since I have done any modding on this phone, I am lost. I know the support for this phone is non existent now, just trying to pick somebody else's brain in case I am missing something obvious. Thanks for any help in advance!!
  4. Wal-Mart Black Friday to 12/1?

    I will be interested to see of I get charged activation my next billing cycle. Nothing was mentioned about it and I honestly forgot to ask. Looked over my paperwork and there was no activation charge on it. Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk 2
  5. Wal-Mart Black Friday to 12/1?

    Mine did. The 100 gift card applies to any smartphone. So even if somebody bought one of the penny smartphones they will still get the 100 gift card. Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Wal-Mart Black Friday to 12/1?

    When I did my upgrade they put it in the system and it did a price override. It's not just Verizon or US cellular. It is for any postpaid carrier they have in the store. Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk 2
  7. S III Cases

    +1 Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk 2
  8. Had issues with the latest nightlies as well. Went back to dark_knights rc0 port and all is well. Recently switched to codename android and it is rock solid without any found bugs so far. Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk 2
  9. Wal-Mart Black Friday to 12/1?

    Yes I got one. Did not have to pay the upgrade fee. It was $140 and change out the door with tax. It actually was relatively painless. Insurance and data was left the same. Still have signal. Checked on the uscc website after purchasing and everything on my plan is the same. Called and verified with 611. Not sure what the 10 insurance plan is, saw it posted at their kiosk, but I just told them I wanted everything left the same in my plan and all they did was process the equipment upgrade. Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk 2
  10. Wal-Mart Black Friday to 12/1?

    I was told by my local walmart that it was good through Sunday. Not sure which it is. Also price will go back up to 180, but they still are giving $100 walmart cards until the 1st. Honestly hate not going through my local store for an upgrade like I have for the last 12 years but neither they or even corporate stores can come close to matching the prices. Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk 2
  11. [DEV]CM10 Weekly Update

    I would use it. I have used been using Dark_Knights nightly ports. Would love for further development to proceed with CM10. Sent from my SCH-R760 using Tapatalk 2
  12. Trouble reinstalling JB

    Got everything fixed. Corrupt external SD card was the issue.
  13. Trouble reinstalling JB

    I odined fb14. Will give fb18 a shot. I have had the zip on my ext sd since it was released. Have never had an issue with it before. Will try redownloading if can't get it to work. Thanks!
  14. Trouble reinstalling JB

    Yep. Just to be safe did full wipe before and after installing kernel. Only thing that i havent tried is formatting my ext sd card. I have 2 nandroids and the full rom that keep failing.