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  1. Anyone have a write-up on this? Trying to get the PS4 setup and USCC customer support has been no help
  2. Looking to get a couple of iPhones, looking at buying used and using on our USCC account. Will any CDMA unlocked iPhone work straightaway or are we stuck with buying a used USCC iPhone only?
  3. Smartphone without data plan?

    I figured as much; my 2 middle kids both carry a dumbphone+iPod, but we were hoping to kill 2 birds and try and save some $$$ (like every other parent on the planet).
  4. As title says, is it possible to have a USCC smartphone on a non-data plan? Seems like I read about someone doing it years and years ago on another network but I could be mistaken...
  5. S4 wont connect while roaming

    Many, many thanks! That was exactly it!! She had called USCC in the meantime, and after me going through the trouble of authorizing her on the account, and her calling back multiple times the person in the "Roaming Support" center told her there was nothing they could do for her?! Never mentioned to her to check the home only/automatic setting. Anyway, thanks again, you saved me a ton of hassle!
  6. My daughter just called me from a friends phone while on a school trip to Florida, she says her phone won't connect to anything at all: no call, data, text. I called USCC, after 20 minutes of talking to someone reading a flowchart he told me *she* needed to call the "Roaming Support" number...this turned out to be the regular customer service number. Anyway, she called, with the pin#, but she's not authorized, so now I'm trying to get her authorized, but I'm not holding out on them fixing it. She did a battery pull, but what else do I need to tell her to check/change to get her phone to roam/switch towers or simply get a signal? I'm still rocking a Galaxy S1 so I can't look at my phone and walk her through it...
  7. Move app to sd?

    Ya, I first tried from the app manager, but theres no move to sd option like on my I tried a few different apps and they acted like I didn't even have an sd card. She took it to a uscc store and they said they fixed it for her, but I looked and it appears all they did was move her media files to sd. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  8. Move app to sd?

    My mom has a Motorola Electrify M...she keeps getting the out of storage message, so I tried to do an app-->sd move but it doesn't seem available int he settings, and both apps I've downloaded say that the sd card is either "emulated" or that the app "share the same disk with the os". Any help with this?
  9. Billing issues continue into 2014

    Anyone been billed for incorrect data amounts? We have a business account with 6 lines, and this month 1 of our lines was just shy of line showed 3.6gb. The screwy thing is a couple months ago my line showed I had used almost 6gb, but I don't leave my data on unless I'm using the phone, as im on call 24/7 and can't leave on a call with a dead battery. Ive never been a big data user, as my previous totals for several years had never been over 2gb...uscc advised me to install a data watchdog app, and its showing well over a 1gb *less* difference than what uscc is showing. I don't know if the data is tied to the billing part, but they've screwed that part up each month since october so im wondering is thats the issue. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  10. Billing issues continue into 2014

    I signed my 3 kids up for phones in august and have had to call each month since then because of billing issues. Double billed, not recognizing payment, Ive called ever month and the pin# and security question is changed every time, wrong amounts, extra charges (data charges for 2 dumbphones)...but my favorite is when they shut off all 3 phones the very first month because they changed the due date and the account was past due by a few hours, they reactivated them and credited me some since it was their fault, but I still got hit with close to $30 of extra taxes because of the screw up. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  11. I'm beginning to hate uscc

    Quick question: during the summer there was a crew running new fiber optic from town to the uscc tower down the road from our house...can someone tell me if thats indicative of anything coming service-wise or just maintenance? We're a small town in a small county in they middle of nowhere missouri, if that matters... Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  12. I'm beginning to hate uscc

    They did nearly the same thing to my dad...we *have* to have our phones for our business, and they said they couldn't activate another phone because he was over the limit? The reason he had switched in the first place was that uscc had mandated he switch from his ancient flip phone but the one they gave him didn't live out of the store, but uscc said they couldn't do anything for him for until a few days had passed. Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2
  13. Free to me GS4, but no charge after update

    Baseband version: R970TYUEMK2 Build number: JSS15J.R970TYUEMK2
  14. Free to me GS4, but no charge after update

    As I posted earlier, the phone is a GS4 w/ v4.3 [MK2]'s been forever since I messed with anything flashing/rooting my Mez, so... - is there a tutorial or step-by-step on how to root this thing? [if I can work around the hotspot "restrictions" I might give the GS4 a try] - also, am I gonna have to take it in to the store to get the number switched over or is that something customer service can? - last question, can I port a non-data line/account to my Mezmerize for one of my kids to use?
  15. Free to me GS4, but no charge after update

    I would switch if it weren't for losing my wifi hotspot...we don't have internet out here, and my mez is rooted so I don't get any extra charges. My opinion is that I pay for "x" amount of data, so why should it matter how I use it if I don't go over... So, is it possible to root my gs4 and still use the wifi hotspot as I am on my mez? Sent from my SCH-I500 using Tapatalk 2