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  1. Sorry, yes winrar will I had, had issues with edititng them (without decompiling them) so I wrote it off lol. As far as kernels go, stay away from GB ones. ICS kernels seem fine (ics started at FB15, so they are closer to changes made for FB14) earlier versions of GB kernels are ones I would avoid.
  2. So I wanted to be able to help you guys one last little big before I left, and since I was constantly being asked for help porting, or to port roms I figured I would write up a little guide to help you guys who don’t know to do it. First and foremost: I nor anyone who helps you is responsible for anything you do, will do, or can do to your phone. If you brick it trying to flash something you shouldn’t it is your fault… only your fault. J Before you start I recommend a few things: 1. Download winzip if you do not have it already (kinda optional you can do it all with jus 7zip) 2. Download 7zip if you do not have it already 3. Some kind of word editor (wordpad works perfect) 4. Porting package (here) extracted out where ever you want. 5. The rom you want to edit So first I put together a little package that has correctly edited apn-conf.xml and eri.xml (the eri is the most difficult to edit , You can use hexdex editor to change sprint to uscc, but you have to decompile the framework.apk to get it to say US Cellular, so for simplicity I did it for you) These two file will change the apn’s for mms to ours and amoung others will make the carrier label read US Cellular instead of sprint. The Fun Begins here: So here is how I do it, you might do it differently, but just trying to get you started. First thing is first open up your rom in winzip (I use winzip because its easy, and you can edit without extracting the rom) You can either extract the entire package, or work from inside the zip. The first thing to do is to go into the roms, folder, and navigate to the /system folder. Next go into the /etc folder You will want to copy (and replace the exsisting) apns-conf.xml in this folder, go back go /systems Next go into /framework folder and open framework-res.apk with 7zip (winrar can not open these) - Do not extract this, it is much easier if you work directly inside the apk with out extracting it Inside the 7zip go into /res/xml Drag and drop the eri.xml inside 7zip and click yes to copy and update the archive, close out 7zip. (if working from winrar it will also prompt you to update the archive, click yes) Go back to the /system folder for the fun. Open up the build.prop file in wordpad (things vary a little bit in this file per the rom, but the thing that are required are generally the same) To start off with I usually use the replace function to replace all SPH-D710 and epic4gtouch with SCH-R760, though this is not really needed just anal about fixing all I can. Here are the important edits you must make for things to be smooth - ro.product.model=SCH-R760 - - ro.product.board=SPH-D710 - ro.cdma.home.operator.numeric=311220 - ro.cdma.home.operator.alpha=USC - net.cdma.pppd.user=user[sPACE] US Cellular - ro.carrier=US Cellular NOTE: ro.product.board=SPH-D710 this does not change to R760 or it will cause you some minor issues. You can also change Which is the identifier for CM Stats (if running CM9. Save the file and save your zip (if you did not extract it you only need to update the archive) Rename the zip to what you want and you can flash it. Keep in mind that certain roms are different and will not work so easy. AOKP and CM9 are aosp roms and thus easily edited. MiUi has had some issues being ported as it handles certain things (like mms) differently. And as far as I know the TW Sprint roms work but also have sprint related issues. Either way this will help to get you started. Just for clarification: Unless you are porting a AOSP ICS rom this will not completely change everything you need. If you are working on a sprint rom you will have to dig deeper.
  3. Yep did you want to pick up the AOKP port? I will look into maybe setting up a github or something to load up what I have for cm9 already, have to wait till after finals though.
  4. mobile odin?

    Does it say where it is looking on the build.prop. if you can figure that out then you can prolly just change that one line so it will work. Though it is likely the device which will make it identify your phone as a e4gt in the phone info.
  5. here is build 33 TG
  6. you need to do it as described stop putting in extra steps. Trust me i have done it a bunch Wipe all three (data, cache, and dalvik) flash cm7 reboot boot back to cwm wipe NOTHING! install aokp install gapps Wipe data/factory reset ONLY! reboot
  7. Stock ODIN Files

    If you folloiw the directions you should be fine I have flashed literally hundreds of times, I have had on soft brick and it was completely my fault (forgot to pull battery after odin my kernel and it got stuck in boot cycle that you couldnt get out of) Really you should have very little to worry about as long as you dont try something that isn't noted. if you follow the directions you will be fine. The stock files are to restore complete stock if you hard brick then you can try a usb jig or something but unless you get back into download mode these wont do you much good.
  8. if you flash the kernel and dont like it then i would just recover the back up you shoulda made when you first flashed. If not there is a stock kernel on here somewhere you can flash on. On my phone so I can look now. My kernel is the stock kernel source compiled with cwm. Nothing done to it that should slow it down, quadrant is iffy at best if you test your phone three times a day likely you will see three different results so take quadrant with a grain of salt.
  9. The big problem is that for one there is the partitioning of ext system for ics that is why you have to flash cm7 first. The reason you can not flash in an ics kernel is because of a partitioning problem that will likely brick your phone. It is pretty much the same on e4gt, but they have the ability to flash ics strait from a kernel if you try on ours you get device setting problems. It sucks yes, but hopefully once the e4gt has official ics there should be a stable kernel to flash from.If you are flashing to ics you can use the triangle away and that will remove it and reset counter. The "simple' rooting procedures went way with 2.3.6 when samsung fixed the exploit used before.
  10. I have no issues with skype. Acutally on it as we speak...
  11. COdeName Android Custom ROM

    Aokp and CM9 both have 4g in them, I have yet to remove it and not get fc, so it stays. It does not effect anything just dont try and turn it on. it wont work. There is not codename for uscc. I will be posting a guide on the edits you need to make to make everthing work. though
  12. Did you by any chance come to the new U.S. Cellular on Merle Hay Road a few days ago? Because I think I saw you there... I overheard the same story that you posted. wasn't me. i am pretty noticeable haha. Covered in tats and large holes in my ears lol.
  13. If you are having issues with adb or think it is adb I would download android sdk and make sure you can connect with adb to rule that out. once you download it us cmd to goto android/platform-tool and run adb devices it should pop up with a string of numbers showing that it sees it. If it does not you should prolly check to make sure the drivers are correctly installed and that you have usb debugging turned on.
  14. Problem with Hotspot AOKP MS5

    Think there were some issues with wifi tethering, not sure would have to go read though the thread to find out if it is working on the e4gt.
  15. Nice job man, this is really spectacular.