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  1. Don't know how many of you use custom DNS settings on your USCC devices, but I've found that they block for whatever reason. is not blocked.
  2. LTE Roaming on T-Mobile / AT&T

    I had disable/enabled with the same results regardless of the settings. In the end US Cellular told me that the device is no longer capable of being used on the network. Which isn't true. But they are clearly blocking them from accessing the network. They ended up tell me I needed to upgrade to new router from the store. They aren't what they used to be, very bad support and very bad technical support. I ended up with two of the devices which produced the same results. I returned them both to the seller. Immediately after, someone locally listed a NEW D-Link DWR-922 for $90, so I snatched it and activated it. Works better than expected, considering I'm about 25 miles from the tower and well outside their coverage zones. Quite happy now. It does roam on Verizon, but haven't seen T-Mobile or AT&T roaming yet. And for those wondering. It does accept external SMA antennas on one or both ports. I'm using an 11DBi Log Periodic antenna with 50 feet of LMR400 (Wilson 400) coax.
  3. I recently bought an LTE router and it is able to roam on T-Mobile and AT&T. Funny enough, it won't even connect to US Cellular. I stumped some techs with it. They also kept telling me T-Mobile isn't a roaming partner of US Cellular, but it is for sure. AT&T though, that's a surprise though. Anyone see this happening in their phones or LTE routers? It's strange but awesome. Only downside is I can't connect to the US Cellular network. Its a Netgear LG2200D.
  4. Black Friday 2016

    give me the tv!
  5. data roaming deal

    I wonder what the reason behind that is?
  6. data roaming deal

    Absolutely possible one the Moto X 2014. One of the best phones for doing it.
  7. Stock Files

  8. ODIN

  9. Next new phone(s)???

    Get anything but Samsuck and you'll be okay. Go with a Nexus, or a Moto, or even an LG for something similar to Samsuck with out the crapiness of TouchWizzzz.
  10. Google Project Fi

    I can confirm it works in US Cellular. I have also locked it on to Verizon (which I haven't been able to do recently, so roaming on them may be out of the game). I need to test it out though. As for AT&T I haven't been able to get it to roam on that. Otherwise I can confrim that is works on USCC as I use them daily with Fi. Since the 6.0 update, it will no longer show it's roaming when not on Sprint or T-Mobile. And even if you select the most expensive plan, you only pay for what you use aside from the first payment. And I pause because you literally pay by the hour for active service.
  11. t mobile version cm on us cellular?

    Why don't they work. That's teh question.
  12. data roaming deal

    Samsuck devices never used to display the correct band. It's probably not correct. Especially if the FCC didn't approve the device to use it. You don't need it and it's useless. It's a waste of a network and its resources. (: Hopefully it's never implemented. It's just going to cause problems. Should support all the basics. Considering it's a "world" phone. Aka LTE/GSM/CDMA phone. Shouldn't have any problems with it as expected. Devices are instant. Newer Moto devices do work on every band they are capable of. Covering the majority of the bands the big networks use. So not sure what you're getting at. Samsuck devices are the opposite however. Enjoy the dead horse lol. Cause that's all USCC is.
  13. 6.0.1 radio issues

    Been a problem since 6.0 I heard.
  14. Unlocked cdma on US Cellular?

    Technically no, but theoretically yes, but only if you can make USCC believe it's a Nexus or iPhone.
  15. Nexus 6 from Amazon or eBay. Can't beat the price for the device. Samsuck is not the way to go. It's disgusting to say the least and shouldn't be classified as Android.