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  1. Black Friday 2016

    give me the tv!
  2. data roaming deal

    I wonder what the reason behind that is?
  3. data roaming deal

    Absolutely possible one the Moto X 2014. One of the best phones for doing it.
  4. ODIN

  5. Stock Files

  6. Next new phone(s)???

    Get anything but Samsuck and you'll be okay. Go with a Nexus, or a Moto, or even an LG for something similar to Samsuck with out the crapiness of TouchWizzzz.
  7. Google Project Fi

    I can confirm it works in US Cellular. I have also locked it on to Verizon (which I haven't been able to do recently, so roaming on them may be out of the game). I need to test it out though. As for AT&T I haven't been able to get it to roam on that. Otherwise I can confrim that is works on USCC as I use them daily with Fi. Since the 6.0 update, it will no longer show it's roaming when not on Sprint or T-Mobile. And even if you select the most expensive plan, you only pay for what you use aside from the first payment. And I pause because you literally pay by the hour for active service.
  8. t mobile version cm on us cellular?

    Why don't they work. That's teh question.
  9. data roaming deal

    Samsuck devices never used to display the correct band. It's probably not correct. Especially if the FCC didn't approve the device to use it. You don't need it and it's useless. It's a waste of a network and its resources. (: Hopefully it's never implemented. It's just going to cause problems. Should support all the basics. Considering it's a "world" phone. Aka LTE/GSM/CDMA phone. Shouldn't have any problems with it as expected. Devices are instant. Newer Moto devices do work on every band they are capable of. Covering the majority of the bands the big networks use. So not sure what you're getting at. Samsuck devices are the opposite however. Enjoy the dead horse lol. Cause that's all USCC is.
  10. 6.0.1 radio issues

    Been a problem since 6.0 I heard.
  11. Unlocked cdma on US Cellular?

    Technically no, but theoretically yes, but only if you can make USCC believe it's a Nexus or iPhone.
  12. Nexus 6 from Amazon or eBay. Can't beat the price for the device. Samsuck is not the way to go. It's disgusting to say the least and shouldn't be classified as Android.
  13. CDMA/GSM Operation

    my friends, in the end nothing workscode 00000000 or 000000 or 123456 does not remove the blocking network. Maybe this is the varinat 1 on 10,000 when is not possible to unlock. Every device is unlockable. You just haven't taken proper steps to getting it unlocked. In the future. DON'T buy an international phone and you won't have a problem. You'd still have a chance of having this problem even if you purchased it from Moto directly. The problem is you buying a phone not made to be used in your country.
  14. CDMA/GSM Operation

    Probably a SIM issue. I have AT&T and used this phone on it for a while. I also used it on T-Mobile for a couple days. And US Cellular for like a month.
  15. CDMA/GSM Operation

    They're cheap as shit compared to the international versions, that's why. A USCC Galaxy S4 is like $50 used, a GSM unlocked one is like $130. I disagree partially. While yes, a USCC vs GSM unlocked is cheaper. That's an ignorant reason to choose a device that doesn't support GSM. Also, since you can buy a USCC and GSM unlocked Moto X for the the same price, it doesn't make sense to do it. No logic found. He could probably call in and get the MSL/SPC code for CDMA reprogramming but the SIM-lock code(NCK) is a separate mechanism from that(the codes are different) and I doubt USCC has that info If locked by USCC/Motorola, all he has to do is call in. If he flashed a T-Mobile ROM/Modem that could have messed with the EFS folder(If Motos have one) and SIM locked it.(T-Mobile locks their phones) I once flashed a Yemen modem to a R970, completely nuked the baseband and IMEI and I never got it working again. It's possible that through his ignorance he's permanently locked his phone, dunno for sure though. Definitely isn't caused by this. I've never heard or seen T-Mobile locking phones by default but probably changed recently. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the ROM.