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  1. weird notification

    I think I read somewhere that it means your notifications aren't turned on, but could be wrong.
  2. Samsung Apps- does anyone have it?

    I searched for hours trying to find a solution for this, and right now there just isn't one for us.I've read on other forums that people are able to install the one from Samsungs website, but when I tried, the only feature I got was for Updates. You can also find the app in Google Play, but it won't let you download it, says it's blocked by the carrier or phone doesn't support it. According to US Cell, the handset they sell is still being tested with it.
  3. LOVE my S3, but no Samsung Apps app...

    I just found the Samsung App app in Google Play. says US Cellular doesn't support the app. Not happy. Think I'll be paying them a visit today.
  4. I just got my Galaxy S3 2 days ago, and LOVE it so far. It's puts my old Desire to shame. When I was looking through all the forums and hints and tricks stuff, I kept seeing reference to the Samsung Apps app, the things that were listed under More Services. Last night I finally got around to trying to find them. Only problem, the app isn't on my phone. I found a couple people saying to go to the Samsung site and download it direct and everything will be there and working. Well, it doesn't. When it installed, it said I have limited functions because of my phone or country. Going out to the Samsung App page, it says I have to download them on my phone, or to use Kies. So I went and downloaded Kies. After a few failed attempts to install, when I finally was able to plug my phone in, it says my phone isn't supported. What's going on here? Has anyone gotten either of these to work? Or is there somewhere else I can go to download the Samsung apps? I find it hard to believe they would block all of this from working for whatever reason, but seeing as the Remote Control function doesn't work in the U.S., could be...
  5. For some reason my phone didn't like loading CM7 with cMTD, I did the same steps about 4 or 5 times and it finally just worked. I want to play around with some different ROMs now to see if I like any others better, but I don't want to have to mess with using cMTD removals and hoping I can get everything working again. If I backup with CW, then flash another ROM with cMTD, can I just use Recovery to get CM7+cMTD back?
  6. problem with titanium backup. please help!

    I think I figured out it was because they were system apps maybe?
  7. problem with titanium backup. please help!

    I'm having an issue with TB too. I either get a notification that says the restore failed, or it'll say complete, but I can't find the app anywhere. Any thoughts?