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  1. Anyone heard if the new s8 unlocked version will work on us cellular?
  2. All of our lines are eligible for upgrades when i click upgrade now it only shows installment pricing , but it's grayed out(cannot select) and says ( Two Year Price Point Not Available) and ( Pricing Not eligible with plan on account) so I guess this is the point where they are basically forcing us onto the shared plans if you want a phone. That's just my take on it, I could be wrong.
  3. So does this mean if you want a new phone, you''ll be forced to one of the new shared plans?
  4. Guess I'll hold off on getting a 128gb version . Was going to pick one up since they have 50 buck's off right now.
  5. Rub, did you ever get everything on your 6p working?
  6. story of my late, dollar short!!!!
  7. oops, sorry I thought it did. well then I guess this can be deleted.
  8. The LG G Flex2 dropped today at Us Cellular if anyone is interested in it,
  9. Did you just flash it via Odin?
  10. Just a follow up for anyone else wondering about the prepaid plans prices. I checked and for the $40 plan, total monthly amount would be 43.58. so yes it is plan price and sales tax and 911 fee... as USCCworker stated ....thanks for the help
  11. Just trying to find a decent priced plan for 80 year young mother. She just needs basic flip phone no data.
  12. Thanks, didn't see it.
  13. Anyone know if the $40 month Simple Connect Prepaid Plan, is just 40 dollars or are there taxes added on to that amount ?
  14. Holy that's a vaporizer! What is it?
  15. would that be....earpiece at the bottom and microphone at the top?