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  1. I ran the 2/16 build of CM13 for a while before going back to OG2. I just decided to remove the bloat myself. I actually like a lot of the Touchwiz features, and I haven't found a camera app that I like better. Just going to sit where I'm at for now until I get bored again. ;-)
  2. I know this thread is a little old now, but I was trying to flash this and can't get past the initial Galaxy S5 splash screen. Any ideas or am I maybe better off installing OG2 and rooting/debloating it myself?
  3. Nevermind, I fixed my own problem. I had to extract the GApps zip, find GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk, move it to my phone, and install it manually. Then I had to give it permission to access Contacts and I rebooted. Worked fine after doing this.
  4. I flashed CM 13.0 with the latest GApps (2/19) and my contacts refuse to sync. Anyone else see this happening? Other Google account features will sync like Calendar or Gmail. The Contacts sync option doesn't even show up under the Google account.
  5. Lollipop

    Thanks for the info. I have frozen apps using Titanium Backup in the past, but I guess I was just curious if there were any debloaters out there that could be flashed in recovery like I have seen in the past. I might just stick with Kit Kat for now and wait to see if a 5.1 update comes out.
  6. Lollipop

    I have been using AllianceROM (4.4.2) for a while and just saw that ODIN file + a root method is available in the first post of this thread. How are you guys de-bloating this? Just deleting apps one by one? I'm thinking about giving it a shot, but I have been pretty happy with AllianceROM. I tried other AOSP-based Lollipop ROMs and haven't been too happy with them.
  7. "Just got the S5" discussion

    Totally agree. My S3 had poor indoor reception. When in my house I could only get 4g in my bed and sometimes on the front porch if in the right spot. My S5 has very solid network coverage through the whole house. Yeah I can vouch for this too. My S3 had absolutely terrible reception, but now its basically just a gaming device for my 6 year old. The S5 has been really good so far. I don't think I've dropped a call yet.
  8. [Support] Beanstalk

    I've been on this ROM since it was updated yesterday. I came from AllianceROM which is a little bit cluttered for my tastes, but it is a good ROM. I got good battery life too. I noticed that when I switched to Beanstalk my battery life got quite a bit worse. I've hardly used my phone today and I'm down to 60%. I took it off the charger about 5 1/2 hours ago. With AllianceROM (and stock), I wouldn't see my phone down to 60% until the end of the work day...if it even got that low. And I'd say that's with normal to slightly heavy use. However I do like the ROM itself. It's a little more vanilla than AllianceROM which is what I usually prefer. I'd take something that has a nice base and do my own customizations. I'm guessing that battery life will improve with new releases.
  9. LG G3 Discussion

    http://www.androidcentral.com/lg-g3-specs-fully-revealed-preview-briefing-leak I'd like to see if we're going to get this before I pull the trigger on an S5...
  10. Galaxy s5 "premium"

    Yeah I haven't decided if I'm getting the S5 yet. The Moto X2 is actually somewhat enticing.
  11. Unlocked Bootloader!

    Hmm apparently no one went to get it yet...I got a notification on Facebook that it as released yesterday at some USCC stores. I plan on getting one, but did not stop by yet.
  12. Did a clean flash of the 1.9 beta + GApps from the SlimROMs website and I get the splash screen, but then it reboots into recovery. So I'm back on CM 10.2 for now. Not sure if anyone else has even tried 1.9 yet...
  13. (OFFICIAL) CM 11 Nightly

    I tried to flash a nightly the other day with the correct gapps, and it wouldn't get past the boot animation. The animation didn't freeze or anything, but it would just keep going forever. Anyone else have this issue? I haven't tried anything newer than the nightly from 12/7 so maybe I'll give it another shot. Also, I thought I read in somewhere that you can't flash with TWRP and it has to be done with CWM. Is this still true?
  14. What is the latest nightly for this? It appears that the website in this ROMs thread is down, but I see some nightlies hosted on goo.im. edit: Never mind I see that there is a stable 4.2 for d2usc out there.