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  1. O DP2

    That did it!! Thanks so much! It's so nice to have all my features back after Oreo. I like Oreo pretty well, but I didn't want to give up mobile data for it!!
  2. O DP2

    Well, check that. I have LTE with the above settings, but I don't have working MMS. I'm assuming you have MMS? Will Google produce a fix for this broken mobile data on USCC?
  3. O DP2

    Thank you so much for this! I was at a loss after the Oreo update. Google was telling me to contact USCC. USCC says they don't officially support the Pixel so when the Oreo update breaks data, there's nothing they can do. This fixed it! Thanks!!
  4. Do iPhones get some sort of preferential treatment on US Cellular's network? Does the network see them differently from other smartphones? I ask because I recently traveled to northern Wisconsin with a friend who is also on US Cellular. I use a Nexus 5x and my friend uses an iPhone 6+. My friend was able to get occasional data usage: facebook messenger occasionally worked away from WiFi, multimedia messages were sent and received. I was unable to do any of these things until we were nearly back into Iowa. Why would the data signal be stronger to my friend's phone than mine?
  5. Lollipop 5.1.1 Released For Nexus 6

    Are you rooted or modified at all? It won't work if you are.Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk Ah yes. Forgot I had rooted it. Thanks. I haven't modified anything, so I didn't even think about it.
  6. Lollipop 5.1.1 Released For Nexus 6

    I'm having trouble with the update. I got the System Update notification today. Three times I've downloaded and begun to install the update, but it doesn't work. Each time, when the phone reboots, it shows the Android guy laying down with Error! above his chest. I hold the power button and volume down to reboot the phone and it powers up fine, but without the update. What should I do differently to make it work?
  7. Moto X+1 (Moto X2)

    Yes, it would be nice to be included in MotoMaker this time around!!
  8. Moto X+1 (Moto X2)

    Do we have any news on a release date for the US Cellular Moto X+1? I'm wondering whether I should advise people to wait on an upgrade at this point. Do we know for sure that USCC is getting the X+1? They seem to have a good relationship with Motorola currently.
  9. Upgrade timer 24 Months?

    I asked this in the blog comments, but didn't get a reply. If my sister's early upgrade date is April 2014 with Belief points, is there a way to buy out the intervening 4 months between now and April in order to take advantage of the Christmas deals?
  10. Is it possible to use a combination of Belief Points, plus buy out a couple of months of the contract to get to an early upgrade? In other words, if I can upgrade early in April, can I buy out 4 months to get my upgrade-with-points date to December?
  11. Synchronoss TEDC

    Ah, ok. I haven't taken any of the steps to get rid of it, but the rest of your information helps. Thanks.
  12. Synchronoss TEDC

    How long does it take for Synchronoss to stop tethering? Because I've had wifi tethering turned on for a few minutes now and I'm not getting the pop up message that I remember getting almost immediately on my Note 2.
  13. Black Friday 2013 News/rumors?

    I was also wondering about Black Friday... I got the early upgrade email, but I'd like to know about the Black Friday sale, and when it starts. Then I could make my purchase within the 15 day guarantee.
  14. Pictures taken with Moto X

    Nice pics. Thanks. That's helpful!
  15. Customer Appreciation Days

    John, was your order for Electrify Ms? All of my friends/family's orders were. Wonder if they ran low on stock?