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  1. Note 7 Recall

    Samsung just won the "Hottest phone of the year" award - they always wanted to smoke the competition!

    Good grief man! Still as fast as ever, it's like having insta chat when you're around

    iRub, can you post up the PF2 firmware so we don't have to use Sammobile?
  4. This would be great considering several of us couldn't get xposed to run on anything in LL (WT, odxd, deox). I remember you barndawg76 didn't have that issue. Looking forward to the input & updates, not thrilled about how limited Xposed on MM is though...for now hopefully.
  5. Certainly you couldn't mean stock TW odexed, right? That would be highly unusual considering ART supposedly is the same from LL to MM.
  6. Marshmallow Love!

    That's a little of what I was hoping for since I use my pen alot & mostly native apps. But it sounds like another patch job update...much like going from Win7 to 10, it's just not the same as when a device is built for the current OS.
  7. Marshmallow Love!

    Definitely keep us posted on performance specs & likes/dislikes. Any changes in native apps; like calendar or camera?
  8. 6.0.1 rom link.

    Keep us posted if Xposed & Wanam work on stock. I'm still on NJ7 because of that!
  9. New Boards?

    Correct, new forum format is now active
  10. USCC will indeed for free offer...crickets chirping...
  11. Yes, factory reset will only clear "most" user data, apk's etc. You will not lose root/twrp unless you use Odin to flash. I say "most" because there's always stuff left behind that has to be manually deleted.
  12. I & several others also couldn't get Xposed to work on BOC4 even on WoundTights
  13. Wanam Xposed Pulled From Play Store

    I was wondering when this would make headlines, so few of us left on stock TW I'm surprised it did.
  14. When Will We Get Marshmallow?

    Unfortunately deodexed TW roms break some functions or cause some bugs which is why I usually stay stock odexed, I bought a Note for ALL the functions even TW UI (despite some lag)...yes, it's definitely Samsung fault for messing w/ART & trying to be proprietary. I know LLP (as will MM) works better on almost everything BUT TW, so hopefully MM will boost stock TW to at least compete. At least we won't have to worry about an update anytime this decade!! Oh I can just hear na7q now! *drops the mic and walks away*
  15. When Will We Get Marshmallow?

    Lollipop was a little less stuttery, batt life about the same. I prefer KK due to Xposed which makes it better than LLP. I had both of my Notes side by side for days running many tests of every kind & 5.x was only milliseconds faster except for the recents function. On KK my last batt cycle was 30hrs w/4.6hrs screen on. I don't want to side track from the thread, I'm just remembering a statement from one of the XDA reviews that MM is more like a 5.3 update not a 6.0 OS. If MM can achieve correct Xposed functions I'll probably update but I'm afraid to lose my strong radio sig, LLP reduced my sig by 2 bars & was not nearly as strong/reliable as KK (I could go anywhere I wanted & dominate most devices). Tested this theory several x's w/different Notes.