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  1. Okay, thank you for reply! In the end I decided to stay with the existing settings, and instead proceeded with the Marshmallow update. The update to Marshmallow was seamless! One other thing that I was pleased with regarding activating the Moto X Pure Edition on US Cellular is that I was able to download and install the US Celluar Your Navigator Deluxe app, which is the only US Cellular app that I use, and which I regularly used for 4.5 years on my previous Motorola Electrify.
  2. Yesterday I got my Moto X PE activated at my local US Cellular office and the technician had difficulties activating the phone (it shipped from the factory with a pre-installed US Cellular SIM). The technician was changing different settings to try and activate the phone, and finally she went and got a supervisor. He came out and immediately noticed that she was not using capital letter for the ABN, and when she corrected this, it immediately activated. I am a little bit OCD with my phones, and I would like my phone to start out with factory settings, but I do not know what the technician may be changed when she was attempting to activate my phone. If I use the Moto app to restore my phone to factory settings, will my activation also be reset? Since my phone is on a corporate plan, someone from my office has to accompany me to the US Cellular office for any changes to my phone or plan, and I would like to avoid the hassle. Thank you in advance for any insights you can provide...
  3. Negotiating a Deal on a Plan

    I have been a loyal U.S. Cellular customer since 2000, when I signed up for a mobile choice 200 plan. I still have that plan today, but I would like to upgrade to a national calling plan (probably the single line basic plan). When I signed up for my plan, I remember the sales agent throwing in a couple of extra-cost features for no additional charge. For the plans that are currently available, do the U.S. Cellular reps have the ability to negotiate special deals on plans? For example, I am interested in having limited text messaging but I do not need or want unlimited messaging for an extra $20 per month. Also, I am interested in the single line primary plus plan, but the monthly cost exceeds my price point. I did see that these plans were initially available for $69.99 per month, but are now $79.99 per month. If I could negotiate the monthly price slightly downward, I could make the plan fit my budget. Does U.S. Cellular runs specials around the holidays on plans? Any advice on getting or negotiating the best deal on a plan would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.