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  1. I just got the Note 4 thread

    Oooh. Looks nice. I have a Seidio kickstand case with holster for my Note 2. Wonder what my best option for the Note 4 will be. Maybe I'll go naked for at least a little while.
  2. I just got the Note 4 thread

    Yeah, I should've clarified. You can't use belief points for a discount with a pre-order, but I imagine you can use the upgrade accelerator. The discount is $5 for every 1000 points (as mentioned here:http://teamuscellular.com/Forum/topic/7443-belief-points-for-discount/ and confirmed by me with USCC reps yesterday).
  3. I just got the Note 4 thread

    Kyocera Hydro is on sale for $50 at Best Buy, with a trade-in value of $36 (at Best Buy). So if you don't have a phone to return, you can still save $150 this way; plus if Samsung denies your claim because something falls through, you're only out $14. I've heard two more confirmations that you cannot use belief points on a pre-order. My only hope now is that a store gets the phones in early, and I can turn in a receipt dated before Oct 16 11:59pm and have it count as a pre-order for the Samsung deal.
  4. I just got the Note 4 thread

    You could always buy a cheap phone that has more than $10 trade-in value. You'd be out the cost of the phone, but still get in on the deal. Best Buy has the Boost Moto G on sale for $60, which US Cellular's trade-in values at about $13 (hah!). So that'd be like getting $140 off the Note 2. I'm not sure if there are any other better deals out there.
  5. I just got the Note 4 thread

    FWIW, I just spoke to a US Cellular rep who said you cannot use belief points discounts on a pre-order, though it was a unique question, and the rep said to try again in a day or two, since the pre-order is so new in their system. I have enough points for a $100 discount which, when coupled with a $200 trade-in would make the Note 4 essentially free! Even if I had to buy a throwaway phone to use as the trade-in (since I'm not sure I want to part with my Note 2 and all my other phones are just 'recylce' fodder according to USCC's trade-in estimator), this would be a great deal.
  6. So do you only get the discount while you're financing? Does it go away after 2 years? Do you get it if you bring your own device? I've seen conflicting info in other threads... Maybe I should just actually call :-P The thing is, what are you contracted for? Let's say you have 2 lines with the discount and 10GB of data. Your contract is for $180, but USCC says they'll give you a discount of $30/month/line, so you only end up paying $120. Couldn't they realize in 6 months that this isn't working out, go away from device financing and then say, "well, you're back to $180 (hey, your 2-year contract says you'll pay this much), but the good news is you get a subsidized phone once you finish paying this off...." I would certainly hope not but seeing as how they've taken away other discounts (auto-pay) and changed terms (eligibility from 18 months to 22 months to 24 months) during a contract, it wouldn't be out of character for them.
  7. So, I think I'm wrapping my head around USCC's shared connect plans. Pick your data + $40/month per smartphone. If you finance your device (or bring an existing USCC phone? I'm still not quite clear on that...) that drops to $20/month per smartphone or $10/month if you have at least the 10gb plan. The important question, though, is can that "discount" be discontinued in the future, just like our 5% discount for auto-pay was yanked out from under us? Could US Cellular turn around in a year and say, "yeah, those retail installment plans weren't working out so well, so we're back to subsidies and cancelling all the $20 and $30 discounts" ? Anyone know?
  8. Belief Points for Discount

    Man, if I didn't have the grandfathered $70 Primary Plus 5GB plan, I'd be outta here. Still might be, but I just can't beat that price. Argh!
  9. Belief Points for Discount

    Weird, I'm eligible in one month, which would be 22 for me.
  10. Belief Points for Discount

    I've heard of people being offered phone-discounts using lots of belief points. Is there a standard conversion rate of belief points to cash discounts on new phones, or is it completely up to whatever agent / rep you talk to? I was so excited to upgrade my phone every year with belief points...back when upgrades were 18 months instead of 22 and you could use your points to knock off more than 4 months (and weren't the accelerators fewer points back then, too?). Now my points are pretty much worthless unless I get some sort of price break on a standard upgrade. (I certainly don't have enough for the penny-price of the Note 4 when it comes out... )
  11. Cases and screen protectors

    Seidio Active with holster is awesome. Great protection but less bulky than Otter. Built-in kickstand is great for this phone, and, if you're into that kind of thing, the holster is great!
  12. Pebble Smartwatch With Note 2! Awesome!

    I just backed HOTwatch on Kickstarter and am REALLY looking forward to it. Think Pebble, but with a touchscreen and on-the-watch calling. Check it out!
  13. I currently have the 5% discount on a single-line plan. If I upgrade to a family-plan does anyone have any idea if I'll get to keep the 5% discount or, because it'd be a 'new' account, I'd lose it? (I know I'm going to be screwed out of most of it anyway because I get it on the whole package now, and it doesn't cover the data portion of the new plans, right?) Also, as long as I stay away from the unlimited plans are the upgrade cycles 20 months, or are they all 22 now for new customers? (ugh... I'm so ticked about the device accellerator devaluation, but that's another thread)
  14. Upgrade Accelerator Changes! [UPDATED: 5:30 PM]

    If you upgrade your device aren't you still locked into a prorated contract for the device? So the only way you go month to month after your initial 2 year contract is to never get a new device....is that right or am I crazy? If I'm crazy I may need to upgrade both my lines just before my departure to VZW Nope. That's my point. You can upgrade whenever, and as long as you've fulfilled your original 2-year contract, you can jump ship the next day. The only problem is trying to get the phones to activate on another network. Unless you were going to turn around and sell them between subsidized and retail price. That wouldn't be very fair to USCC, but that's the point of my argument. They're still not preventing someone from doing that. Just making it harder for those of us who want to remain loyal, giving us fewer and fewer reasons to want to do so. If I didn't still have the grandfathered $70 plan, I'd very likely be considering switching.
  15. Upgrade Accelerator Changes! [UPDATED: 5:30 PM]

    Ugh. Just bring back contracts but keep Belief Points worth something. Obviously the risk with the current system is someone upgrading and then walking away. If you keep me as a satisfied customer, I don't mind signing a new contract if I can still use points to upgrade early. But this news effectively kills the usefulness of BPs.